Transformation Tuesday: Featuring A Philadelphia Radio Personality


I am a huge fan of a radio morning show in Philadelphia,PA. Preston and Steve on 93.3 WMMR is something I have been listening to since I was in the seventh grade. I am 24 years old and going for my masters..That can tell you how long I have been listening. I listen to this show almost everyday. If you do not live in the Philadelphia area they do have a podcast on iTunes. Do the five day challenge and I bet you will be hooked.
Why is this transformation Tuesday so important? Well, the before picture looks nothing like me. It shows how much of an accomplishment I have done. Also, I am such a huge fan of the show, I was always embarrassed to go out to their events.
I went to their Totally Office Calendar realize party on Friday. That was the first event I have been to since 2009. This visit was different from 2009. I had more confidence around them. Since losing the weight I have gained a brand new confidence. I got a picture with Steve as seen above and we talked a little. I spoke to Casey about his weight loss. Preston
smacked me on the butt with a paddle, which is something I would have never done! Kathy actually said my outfit was cute and WHERE I got it.
I know this may seem silly but you would not believe what holds you back when you do not have confidence about yourself. I know the people reading this have something that they are afraid to do because they are letting their weight hold them back. Now, I know the Preston and Steve show would have not cared what I looked like. They were nice to me in 2009. I was most likely a weirdo in 2009 because since my confidence was at a low I did not speak to them. I just went up and got pictures taken. You need to have confidence. I learned in order for you to keep going with a weight loss journey you must have that or you will fail. Believe in yourself and love yourself. You are truly an amazing person.

On a side note, the Preston and Steve gang look great. They all looked as if they lost weight. They sometimes talk about it on their show and I think to have a group lose weight together is inspirational and great! Also, I had a load of fun on Friday night. You should totally listen to Preston and Steve on 93.3 WMMR. GADZOOKS!