I Lost 30 lbs in 2013! What Will 2014 Bring?



Happy New Year, everyone! As I stated before, 2013 was my year. I am excited to see what 2014 has to bring. This whole year I lost 30 lbs but 80 lbs overall. That 30 lbs has truly helped me a lot! I am going to continue on doing what I have been doing because it is working.

I do not believe in New Years Revolutions because they seem to be really big picture goals. Everyone always wants to lose weight but most people have a huge expectation in their head when they starts. When they decide to lose weight they keep this big number of what they want to lose and this is why they fail. Maybe instead of saying you wish to lose twenty pounds..Say you will eat healthy or go to the gym three times a week. Please keep in mind that a life style change will become a huge change but I feel you should start off small. That is my advice to everyone with the NYR.

For me..I need to get back on track because the holidays was filled of food and drinking. The only thing I was doing right was working out everyday but Christmas.  So for 2014 I will get back to writing down everything I consume, track my Weight Watcher points better and stop snacking/drinking alcohol. I really need to calm down with the snacking and drinking. I feel if I get back on track with this then my body will go back to feeling how it was before the holidays.

I also would like to continue to weigh my self only once a month. Not worrying about the scale has done wonders on me because I am not stressed out about the number on that scale. My goal this year is to not worry about the weight loss but the muscle I gain. I am going to gain weight this year but I wish to sculpt my body the way I want it to be.

Finally, rather then worrying about weight loss or muscle gain I wish to try new things. I have already done this last year but I feel like trying new things keep your life fresh and exciting. I climbed a water fall in Jamaica and ran in a 5K last year. Who knows what will happen this year? I still have a bucket list with many interesting and exciting things I have no done yet. Speaking of the bucket list..I am pretty sure I can gross things off on it. Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I hope this year is a success for everyone. Make the best of it!


Sneak Peek of Sweat USA in AC


I just got home from Atlantic City, NJ because of the Sweat USA expo. I am not giving a review yet because the expo continues tomorrow and I do not want to give anything away to people who have not gone yet. I want people to go and enjoy the experience for themselves.

Jillian Michaels will not be there tomorrow though. Her talk was truly amazing and inspirational. Very motivating too. She is also SO CUTE!! Who knew screaming and mean Jillian from the biggest loser was funny, full of smiles and cute little quirks. I loved her. To be honest I thought she was adorable. I loved her and her address.

More of a review tomorrow. Stay tune for that. This was just a sneak peek.


Watch The Rachael Ray Show on August 26.



Hey everyone! I found out that they are rearing the Rachael Ray episode I was in on Monday..August 26. Check your local listings because I am not sure what channel or time the show airs in other states or cities. The episode originally aired on April 29th. I got to sit at Rachael Rays table and meet Bob Harper. It was a great experience. Since the episode I have lost 20 more pounds. I have been working very hard to get to my weight loss goal. My life did change since Rachael Ray. I have met so many great people with inspiring weight loss stories.

So please watch The Rachael Ray show on August 26. I will sadly be out of the country and be limited to internet access but I still have the episode recorded on my DVR. Thank you everyone!



Brother Lost 100 lbs, SweatUSA and more


I spoke about my twin brother Michael before but today he hit a mile stone and a huge accomplishment in his weight loss journey. He has lost 100 lbs in a year and a half. He learned to eat right. This guy used to eat boxes of pop tarts and Cheez-its by himself.  He would drink a lot of orange soda and eat Taco Bell all the time. Now he does Weight Watchers and eats healthy and right. He does not work out and I hope to get him started on that. Congratulations to my brother!!! He is amazing and inspirational! =D


I wish I was not so poor. Yes, I know I do a lot of fun things but I budget my money like crazy. I am going to Jamaica in two weeks but I saved up for that trip for a while. I really want to go to SweatUSA in Atlantic City but it is like $40. Yes, I know..$40 is nothing well it is a lot when you are a poor graduate student who lives pay check to pay check. I do live near Atlantic City but I do have to take in account tolls, parking, and gas. Not to mention I do want to buy things at this convention. I was planing on getting the $40 which is the main entrance. I would get to listen to a motivational talk by Jillian Michaels or Shaun.T depending on when I go.

 This is the other thing that bothers me I only want to go for one day but the tickets are on sale for both days. I mean it is great if you can go to both days and listen to both Jillian and Shaun.T but I only have the funds (not now anyway) to go for one day. Yes, I live near by but it is not practical to go for both for me. It is still an hour drive both ways and as I said tolls, gas, and parking add up. It would be cool if they could sell a one day pass for $20 but I understand the two day pass. It is nice. Really two days for $40 is not bad but it is just not in my budget. Again, this is my problem and not theirs. I just think it would be awesome if you could buy a pass for one day.

 I really want to go because I would love to hear Jillian or Shaun.T. Shaun.T and I were on the same Rachael Ray episode. It would be interesting if he remembered me. Not to mention you should support a guy who lived 15 minutes away from me in Deptford, NJ. I also would love to go because they added a TRX/Cycling class to the AC convention. I would find that awesome. I have been doing cycling since March at my local spin class but I would to sink my teeth into something like this. Also, I may meet new people and enjoy the company of others who love fitness and health!

 So, I hope to save up the money for this awesome journey. Who knows..maybe I would travel to it for both days. I get my first paycheck from work on Sept. 15 and I wonder if that is too late to purchase my ticket..It could be. I do not see this convention selling out though. If I can not go this year there is always next year.


Brian and I went to Cape May, NJ yesterday to enjoy their local Crab and Beer festival. Only problem is they ran out of crab twice and we never got any. Oh well..the beer was good. I got a Shock Top and Wood Chuck. The Wood Chuck is my new favorite because it tasted like nothing but apple juice. Brian did not like it because it is the kind of drink that can sneak up on you. I say it is my favorite type. haha

 We ended up walking into town where we ate at The Ugly Mug where I got an awesome Lobster Roll and french fries. After a time of looking around at shops we did get Ben and Jerry’s and that was the end of my treating myself. I usually treat myself on Friday or Saturday. Depending on what is going on Sunday is a day I sometimes treat myself. I had a lot of fun yesterday and enjoyed it with my boyfriend. =)


Cascadian Farm Products and Shape Magazine

I am excited because I actually won something! I follow this awesome blog called Brooke: Not On A Diet and I signed up for one of her giveaways for Cascadian Farm products and one year subscription to Shape Magazine. I am very excited! I never win anything. =)


I suggest following Brooke and her blog because she is very inspirational. We actually got in touch with one another after I appeared on The Rachael Ray Show. She has lost over 170 lbs and she is very inspiring and full of motivation. Her blog is awesome because she is always finding something new for weight loss and fitness. Also she has giveaways like the one I won. Follow her! She is awesome!!


I am excited for Shape Magazine and I have actually never read it before. I love to read new things and it will be so cool because I can not remember the last time a magazine came to my house for me. My Mom will be excited that I will be receiving this magazine.


I am more excited to try the Cascadian Farm products! Most people know I love food and I love trying new things. Not sure what products exactly I will get but I know they will be great for holding me over while I commute an hour and a half both ways three days a week to graduate school. Whenever I receive the products I will review them for sure. =)