All I Want For Christmas is Motivation on Weight Loss


The holiday season is upon us and we can really lose sight of our weight loss goals and habits. For me, it has been longer than the holiday season. My crazy work/school schedule really did a number on my goals and habits. All I want for Christmas is a new out look, motivation, confidence booster, and habit enhancement for losing weight.


The holidays has a lot of weaknesses when it comes to sabotaging your weight loss. For me it is cookies, high fattening meals, and alcoholic beverages. Granted, I did throw a whole thing of cupcakes because I did not need them. That felt good.


My advice is to try and keep your habits and try very hard not to indulge. Yes, it is hard. I know! Try only indulging the weekend. That is what I have been trying to do. All my events have been on the weekend. Try to also know when enough is enough. Have a cookie, it will not kill you..Try not to have twelve.


This goal is not to lose weight during the holidays. Some can but I can not. My goal is to maintain. I suggest the same. If you maintain and start back up after the holidays that is great! Just a little side road from your journey. Nothing is wrong with that.

Good luck everyone! Have a happy holiday!


Finding Motivation to Lose Weight

I am having a hard time getting motivated to loss weight. I am even having a hard time keeping off all the weight I lost. I still go to WAWA..I buy candy like it is going out of style and I barely go to the gym. This needs to end!!

I am having a hard staying motivated. I should be motivated to not gain the weight back but I am just not. Nothing seems to motivated keep me going. Family does not understand..I do not have a group I can vent to, and ect…I have been stress eating. My job has been stressful, my thesis is coming to a close, my defense is December 8th, I am not getting job offers, and thinking of my student loans has me going crazy. I am I eat. I get lazy. I shut down.

I have one more plan. To me..words are stronger then action.


This is inside my car. I put it in there yesterday. I always go somewhere after work on Friday but when I kept looking at the words it made me not go anywhere. A woman parked to me at work yesterday asked what that means and I responded, “motivation!”




I placed sticky notes everywhere. Motivational things on them. I need to be motivated!! I need this motivation.

I also stated writing down everything I am consuming. I stopped writing things down and when I stop then weight gain happens. I am so nervous for the holiday season..I have something planned every weekend. I hope I can be stronger than I have been. I need the motivation..


Merry Christmas Ya Fitness Animal


Merry Christmas Eve everyone! All my gifts are wrapped and ready to go. I am rather excited for the Christmas holiday. This is one of my favorite holidays beside Halloween.
If you are feeling nervous about today or/and tomorrow with eating habits..Remember it is only two days. Do not afraid to indulge but remember that this holiday is to be with your family and/or friends. Don’t stuff your face when your should be talking to them!
Be smart if you wish. An example is today even though I have little things I may have to do..I am going to the gym today. Do not take it easy. If you are not a sweaty mess..I personally do not feel that you are working hard enough. Work out today! Most events are not until later. Tomorrow I am taking a break from working out.
Just be smart with the holiday but enjoy! This should not be about the food but your loved one. Still enjoy though! Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone!!


Work Out Mania!


I am so happy to be done with graduate school this semester. It was very stressful. I am still waiting for my grades though..I have so much free time now so have no idea what to do with it.
I really love my new gym, Healthtrax! I love doing the classes but I also love the equipment they have. Where else can I work out and watch Dead Poets Society on my own personal TV? I really enjoy the Zumba classes and yoga is something I am trying to get used to. The spin classes are great but I enjoy trying new things. I really want to do a aqua class or Aqua Zumba soon but I may be the youngest one there. Oh well!
I am glad I enjoy where I work out because my eating habits are so bad. I have not been writing my points all. Last week I ate out so much and today I ate so many sweets due to my Mom baking. I know it is the holidays but I want to still be good. Plus I need to fit into a awesome New Years Eve dress this year! So I need to cut the sweets! I have been working out hard though. Oh holidays…you are stressful! Not really..I love christmas!




‘Tis The Season To Gain Weight..



 Holy mother of bad food. This season is serious folks and I have lost all my self control! haha..Well, not really but I am not being as good as last year. It is tough! I feel popular this year as well and I am being invited to all these different events. Saturday I was out with my boyfriends family and I ate the best (but worst thing for my body) and today my grandfather came over for dinner and my Mom actually cooked red meat. Tuesday I have a cookie party to go to at graduate school. Wednesday is a luncheon at work. Wednesday night I am going to a restaurant with a bunch of my graduate classmates and professor. Saturday Michael and I are going to a Christmas party where Tony Luke’s will be served. Then Christmas eve and Christmas!!! UGH!!!

 I know you should live and enjoy the Holiday’s but this is just crazy! My body will not be able to handle all this. I will try my best to make the best choices I can. In the mean time I am working out. I do plan to work out more this week because some of these events I do not have to be at right away. So..I am working out like crazy. I know once the semester is over and the holidays are done..things will go back to normal. I do not believe in New Years Resolutions..but I know once the new year starts then I will go back on track. Rigt now it is tough. So I will try and have a couple of cookies and maybe try to eat a slice of alcoholic drinks this week and save them for Christmas. I will try my best to make good choices but learn to live and love the family and friends I am with during the holidays. I better find my fat pants.