I Lost 8.5 Lbs on the One Week Cleanse!

 I believe the cleanse paid off! I lost 8.5 lbs in one week. I am thrilled. I did not do this cleanse because I wanted to lose weight in one week though. I did this cleanse to jump start my system and stop my cravings. 

 Yesterday I was allowed vegetables and fruit juice. The thing is I do not agree with fruit juice. Why? Fruit juice is full of sugar. Sugar makes you bloated and contain water weight. I tried to stay away from sugar during my cleanse.

 So instead of fruit juice I only had fruit for breakfast. I had veggies the rest of the day. I even went out with my boyfriend Brian to Salad Works and created my own. I did not eat it with dressing which was odd but I did it. 

 I have to be honest I am glad this is over. I am craving crabs and protein. I could never be a vegetarian. All power to you guys if you are. Granted I had no carbs this week either so maybe that would make things easier. I am just happy I can eat carbs and protein again. I do not seem to crave sugary things like dessert. We shall see what happens.

 I am posting this because I noticed I posted a different one earlier. If you want to try what I did this is the program I followed. The other one had a lot of chicken and turkey and I felt that was not a great cleanse for me. So if you have any questions hit me up with a comment. 

 This was NOT easy and it took a lot of will power. Also if you have illnesses or other things talk to your doctor first. This program is a lot on you. I felt myself being tired ALOT during this program because I had no protein in my body. So I suggest if you have to take medication or you have other things speak to a professional first. Do not listen to this twenty something girl from New Jersey.

 Now..excuse me while I devour this delicious English muffin filled with turkey bacon, egg, and cheese. Six points on Weight Watchers. Notice the blue berries..I am still eating my fruits even though I may turn into one after this week. =)


Transformation Tuesday: The Timehop App is the best Invention Ever

 I love the app Timehop. When I am down and feeling low I always look at this app. This app always shows how much I have accomplished. Not just weight loss but everything. Like fashion sense or a freakin hair style that did not hide my face. It is also cool to look at the app and go..”Oh! I did that this many years ago?!”  

 If you do not have the app I really recommend you get it. It is free and I look at it everyday. 


Day One on Cleanse was Successful!

 Day one of the cleanse was very successful. Yesterday I was only allowed to eat fruit products. I learned that avocados were considered a fruit when I researched this so I ate a few of those yesterday. I think this is what filled me up for most of the day. I can not eat bananas because I have a mouth allergic reaction when I eat them. So I stuck to avocados. I also drank 85 oz of water which filled me up as well.

I do have to be honest…

 I did cheat last night. I went out last night with my friends. I thought I was going to only get one drink and nurse it. I did get Not Your Father’s Rootbeer because it is amazing but I knew I could nurse it. I know I should have not had any of it but I feel proud of myself I only had one. Usually my habits are that I have three or four of them. So only one is a great accomplishment.

 So I even went to bed not feeling hungry. I am surprised how full I felt from yesterday and I only ate fruit and *coughsonebeer* Today should be easier because I get to eat all the veggies I want.

 Believe it or not this is my breakfast. I am allowed one baked potatoe so I figured I would eat it for breakfast because it is the highest thing I will eat all day. I am excited today because I can eat salads. I do not have to eat the food raw either. Fruit was hard to work with. You can only do so much with fruit. Today should be successful too. So far so good. =)


Weight Watchers: Simple Start


So, I have been doing Weight Watchers since 2012..and I am
bored. I am tired of counting a ton of points..I am tired of have 49 weekly points..and I am tired of doing all this but not eating the right things.

No more! I am prepping for Friday to start Weight Watchers program Simple Start. Has anyone followed this program? If so..let me know how you like it. Has it worked for you?

So how it works is one picks meals and snacks that is suggested as “power foods.” These food are foods you can eat until you feel satisfied. Weight Watchers gives a suggestion of what this means on their website.

You do not gain 49 weekly. One is only allowed seven points a day. You can use that for cooking or a snack. I am not sure how this will go, but I think this will help me eat even healthier. I have been slipping from my healthy eating habits. I will update on my progress!