December Fitness

workingout Everyone always seems to ask me what do I do for work outs. I love working out and I love to try new things. I thought since I joined a new gym I should start something new. This is my fitness schedule for December. It is a rough draft because things do come up and thing can change but I felt it was kind of cool to schedule certain things. Classes are set because of time but if you notice it will say weight training or cardio. I am not sure what I will do during those days but I figure I would focus on one or the other. So I plan to do a schedule like this every month. I think a schedule will really motivate me to keep going. I think it will make me feel like I need to be somewhere. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!! I am doing a boot camp class tomorrow! Wish me luck. =D



New Works and Brand New Confidence



What an insane week! I am going to make a quick post. I am sorry if I do not seem very helpful with advice posts or anything. Graduate school is kicking my butt. I have a presentation, annotated bibliography. two papers over 15 pages of length and the work of my masters thesis that is due less then a month. Lets say I want to pull my hair out! Anyway…

I am in such a better mood that I do not weigh myself every day or week. The scale was driving me crazy and I finally feel I have all this weight off my shoulder..No pun intended. I feel better about myself. I have no idea what my body is doing but it is nice to not constantly worry about it. I feel like I am actually living. So, goodbye scale until December 6!

So, I joined Healthtrax with my Mom last Thursday. Saturday I did a yoga and piloxing class. I have never done either before and it totally kicked my butt. It was funny because during the work out I felt like I did nothing but when I woke up the next morning my abs were on fire! My abs are still hurting if I sneeze or cough. I have never felt this sore in a while. So, I guess the class really did something. Sunday my Mom and I did Zumba and that was a lot of fun. I am not too crazy about Zumba but my Mom enjoys it. I think the whole idea of dance moves kind of drive me crazy. If you tell me to squat then I will squat. But if you tell me technical dance names I sort of get lost. My Mom and I are going to do another class tonight though. I am happy my Mom is going back to working out.

So, the fitness classes are awesome. I am going to try more classes until I go back to spinning. My body is bored of spinning. Also, my legs are looking damn I will take a break. I actually meet with a personal trainer next Monday about weights. I hope to do more things with my arms and my abs. I would really like that. Well, I have to go. I always seem to be busy. I have an eye doctor appointment. I feel like I am always rushing around or doing home work! I can not wait for winter break!! Stay tune for tomorrow because I have an awesome transformation Tuesday photo! If you are from the Philadelphia area then you will know all about who I am posting a picture with. You will have to wait until tomorrow to see.