The Scale and I have Broken Up!

??????????????????  I am done! Over! I am so sick of my scale. I feel like the scale if fully taking over my life and I can not stand it. I am always weighing my self. Now my mind is so messed up that I am weighing myself everyday. I am just upset because I have not lost any weight since July. Since this is the case, I feel as if the scale is mocking me. Mocking me that it keeps going up and down..up and down..or dead still. I am sick of you scale. I am more than this number and I think this number is lying. I do not feel as if I am gaining weight but muscle. I think my arms and stomach are starting to look great. I also think my legs look killer. The number is not telling the truth. Why step on something full of negativity? I sound crazy, right? Oh boy. I am tired of stepping on the scale. Starting Friday which is tomorrow..I will weigh myself and not weigh myself again until December 6. I want to see what happens. I mean even if I gain all this weight what difference does it make sense I have not lost weight and I have been on a roller coaster ride since July. What will one month do? I am going to try this out. I have nothing else to lose. The only dangerous thing to come is Thanksgiving. So we will see what will happen. I am so annoyed with my scale. I really am. I am over it.

 On another note I plan on writing a final paper in one of my classes about Weight-Watchers and the rhetoric it has. It will not be a negative paper or anything. I am actually going to be positive because Weight-Watchers has really helped me with my weight loss. Maybe I’ll post it when I am done but I think everyone will be bored of my random graduate school talk. All I can say is I had to write the paper when I found an article comparing Weight-Watchers to Foucault. Alright, I am done being a nerd.



8 lbs Gained and Stressful Schedules



I stepped on the scale today and was a little upset to see I gained 8 lbs. This is part of the 12 lbs I gained from Jamaica. When I weighed myself the day after Jamaica it was not really my weigh in day. Today was my weigh in day and I did see I lost four pounds from my trip which is great but I bet I could have lost more if my schedule was not so crazy this week!

I started back with my graduate courses and working at a local grade school this week. I usually work the grade school and then drive all the way to graduate school. I go to graduate school for three days a week. I commute an hour and a half both ways to school which stinks. By the time I am home I am usually exhausted or it is is so late to work out. I now understand what people are talking about when they say they are too busy to work out. It stinks.

I am going to figure things out though. Maybe I will try to work out on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I will have to get away from the idea that I am so exhausted. Even if I run around the neighborhood for twenty minutes will be better then nothing. I need to push myself. I am too close to lose it right now. It stinks to gain 8 lbs but I will suck it up. There is always next week. Now I have to get ready and head to AC. Halestorm is performing at the House of Blues. =)



Cascadian Farm Dark Chocolate Cranberry Chewy Granola Bars

photo (2)


Holy moly are the Cascadian Farm Dark Chocolate Cranberry Chewy Granola Bars good! Only 4 WW points for a bar and they are very tasty! I tried one yesterday on my drive to graduate courses and was upset when the bar was gone. I will eat one on the way to school for tonight for sure. It has no hydrogenated oils and no artificial flavors and preservatives. It also has 5 grams of fiber which filled me up right away. They are also just very tasty. Sometimes I am not a fan of granola bars because they do not look good and sometimes they are hard as a rock. This granola bar looks awesome and taste good too! It is so moist and the stuff taste just like how it is supposed to. I highly suggest eating these! I am totally buying these bars when I run out!


Cascadian Farm Products Came Today!



I was so excited to see a big package on my door step today. My Cascadian Farm  products came today and they sent me a lot of things! I was highly surprised how much stuff they sent me. I am very excited to try these new products. I calculated the Weight Watcher points and learned all the products range from 3 to 6 points depending on the serving sizes. I like this because some days you need to eat more points then others for breakfast. I am so blessed to win these products because this will be great for my commute to Monmouth University. I drive an hour and a half both ways to graduate school and I usually eat in my car. It will be nice to not have to buy bars and other products for a while.

As I stated before I won these products on the blog Brooke: Not On A Diet. I met Brooke online after I appeared on The Rachael Ray Show back in April.  She has lost 170 lbs and she is truly inspiring. She always has great advice and tips. I suggest following her blog. She is great. Thank you again, Brooke and Cascadian Farm! I can not wait to use the products. =D