Recap of 2014 on Fatso: A Weight Loss Blog

2014 is over after today. It was a great year. Many wonderful things happened that I got to share with family, Brian, and my friends. I did many things this year from traveling, doing new workouts, wearing new fashion, and even fitting in an amusement park ride for the first time since high school!


First I would like to address my confidences with my fashion. Before this year I never wore anything that showed off my curves or skin. I never wanted to show off myself. 2014 was different. I showed off curves and I showed off skin. I purchased my first bikini and did not care what people said when they saw me in it. I wore my first curve popping dress and danced the night away. I did not care what people said and I felt confident with myself. This confidence made me feel happier and I got so many comments!




Second I went to Mexico with Brian and it was a great experience. I did a lot of fitness things there. I road an actual bike for the first time in years. Yes, I spin a lot but I have not been on a non-stationary bike in years. It was nerve wrecking and exciting and I did it. It took me a while to get used to it and the kids in the bike tour laughed at me, but I did an awesome job. Also, Mexico was great for dancing! I went to their night club one night and danced so much I was sweating to death. I loved Mexico and I would go back again.


Third I started to do Insanity. Back in May my gym stopped doing kick boxing. I was upset, but they started to do an Insanity class. Now it is called “Insane Boot camp” so my gym does not get sued..go figure. Anyway, I was TERRIBLE at this class but I was determined to become strong with this class. I do it every Monday and Thursday. I thought this would be something I would never do. When the people at Rachael Ray called me they asked if I would be interested in doing Shaun.T’s workouts..Shaun.T was going to be on the show with Bob Harper. I said no, because I thought they wanted me to do it for the show! I never did before. Now I wish they would call me back..I would kick everyone’s butts in the stage crew, audience, and Rachael Ray with this work out now. No offense.


Fourth I picked up a new hobby. I learned how to crochet. Crocheting is a great hobby because I am so busy with my hands I do not have time to snack. I made my co-workers, students, and cousins gifts for Christmas. I enjoy crocheting and I hope to get back at it. It relaxes me and it keeps me from sitting around and stuffing my face.



Fifth I worked somewhere that helped me stay in shape and now eat. I worked at a local haunted attraction that kept me busy at night. The haunt kept my body moving so much. I would squat, jump, run, and do any types of movements to keep my body moving. I would drink a whole gallon of water. It was a lot on my body but it was awesome. Turned out I was good at it too.




Last, I finished my master’s thesis. Not only did I finish, but I passed. I am going to graduate on January 16th and earn my MA in English. This was the biggest accomplishment for 2014. When it was over I was left speechless and emotional. It was a big roller coaster in my life but I am so glad it is over. This accomplishment was great, but it killed my health habits. The stress destroyed me with eating and the work load killed my workout schedule. I only thought about my thesis. I did not want to do anything else but write and eat. I am so happy this is over because now I am free. Do not get me wrong, I am SO thrilled I finished my master’s thesis and I would do it again if I had to..but I would have to think of how to handle that differently. It stressed me out so bad.

10526187_10204636682380292_6304891940556494082_n 10846112_10205897490059696_3765548044890530066_n

What I learned this year was weight loss is not easy and keeping it off is not easy. Habits can die quickly too if you do not keep up with it. I am upset with myself to let things get away from me. I have gained almost twenty pounds this year. To be positive, I did pick up new habits, learned to take risks with different classes, and gained confidence with my outfits. I do have many goals for 2015..


  • Regain my habits again. I will go to the gym at least five times a week. I will start using My Fitness Pal and count calories. I will not over eat, I will stop drinking so much, and I will gain my confidence again. This is number 1. I cannot do anything else until I regain my old habits. I am following Bob Harper’s The Skinny Rules and I am trying to relearn everything once again. I know I can do this again.20131019-100158.jpg
  • I want to do more 5K’s. I only did two and it was back in 2013. I did not do any this year. I want to train for them once again and start doing them in the spring. I really want to do The Color Run again and in October I want to do a zombie run. Not only do I want to do 5K’s..I would love to do a Mud Run. Who wants to get down and dirty with me?954708_688875344486018_1410605567_n
  • I want to lift more. I believe that muscle is better than being just skinny. I do not want to be skinny. I want to be strong.
  • I want to try new workouts. I have never done real yoga before. I am always afraid to try it at the gym. Not sure why. Not sure what other classes to try but I know they are out there.
  • I want to try a zip line course. My Mom is talking about taking me to on in Myrtle Beach in May and I really want to do this.
  • I would like to start riding a bike. I am not sure if my bike is in any type of condition to go for a ride. I should just test it but I was so busy I kept forgetting. I should try it now. 1429.
  • I am not sure if this is a goal for 2015 or just a lifetime goal..I really want to be certified to teach spin. I do not think I am there right now with what kind of shape I am in, but I am determined to get back into shape. I am also determined to be certified one day.
  • I want to write and update my blog more. I do not want to update this blog with so many “Transformation Tuesdays” this year. I want actual helpful blog posts. I want to post work out routines, recipes, and helpful advice. Always showing off my transformation is rather annoying..I think so anyway.image (8)
  • This could go along with a 5K or whatever..but I would love to do the three-day Susan G.Komen walk in Philadelphia. I really would love to do this.
  • Um…Ride a mechanical bull. Why has this not happened?


2014 has been a great year even though I lost my habits along the way. I do not regret 2014. It may have not been my year, but I did love every second of it.  I am ready for 2015 though. 2015 is going to make me strong, lean, and mean. I am ready for all the obstacles that will come along my way. My habits will come back, my confidence will be restored, and motivation will stay.

10817868_757125111032027_137307362_aI hope everyone had a wonderful 2014. I hope you all have a fantastic New Year. Get ready for January 1st.  2015 is going to be ours. Great ready everyone! It is not going down without a fight. Happy New Year!!





One year ago today I created this blog off of I have been writing/losing weight since 2012, but it has been one year since I created this blog. I used (and somewhat still use) Tumblr when I first started my weight loss journey. Once I was on The Rachael Ray Show and saw how much traffic I was getting on there, I decided to create a new outlet. So..HAPPY ONE YEAR! It has been a rough and rocky one with my weight loss, but I am determined to keep going. Thank you everyone for reading!! There is no signs of me slowing down.



Have you Hugged A Graduate Student Lately?

So, I have been silent lately due to my graduate studies. I just finished my thesis development and I felt highly satisfied with it. The process was a pain, but not a bigger pain then my other two classes. Right now I am trying to process a paper that I feel is total garbage. This whole semester has been stressful and it shows in my routine. Due to my long commute, my long assignments, my hours at work, and just all this stress my diet is showing it. Granted, I have stayed the same weight every week for the last four weeks and that is not a bad thing, but I still kick myself because I have been stress eating! Not even eating, but drinking too.

I have been doing so well during the day with eating healthy and counting my Weight Watcher points but at night I shove food into my mouth like it is going to be stolen from me. I am so annoyed with myself.   I only have two weeks left of graduate school and even though I wanted to be skinny for the summer, I will live with trying to get back on track for the summer. I am going to do different things and I hope I can keep these promises.

First, I am going to try and eat five small meals a day. I am noticing my meals are way too big and I eat only three big meals. This concept is not helping me because I am finding myself getting hungry quicker after my meals.  Of course I need to stop snacking. I need to stop sitting their and shoving snack after snack into my mouth. I need to learn to do other things beside watching T.V as well. Maybe go for a walk or clean my room/car. I need to stop SNACKING!!! ugh..



I want to try this because I always want to do CrossFit, but I do not have the money for it. This is awesome because you do not need equipment and it looks like awesome workouts.


I also, wish to do some type of ab challenge, because I feel like my core could be better. I bought a lot of shirts this summer that could show my stomach depending if I stretch high enough. I also feel like I do not do enough with my abs. My legs and arms look great, but my abs could be better.


I also feel like my plank ability is awful. I have no upper body strength and when I do my kick boxing class, I can not do a plank to save my life. I feel like this challenge will help me. I am not sure about five minute planks, but to get to 1 minute that would be awesome.


I know I have come a long way and I beat myself up, but I feel like I have more to lose. Sometimes I feel like I am people’s support group. People message me questions and are always asking for advice, and that is fine but sometimes I wish I had someone to talk to.  I have to stay positive and just get pass this speed bump.



One Year Since The Rachael Ray Show and Meeting Bob Harper


It is hard to believe that one year ago today I traveled up to New York, appeared on the tapping of The Rachael Ray Show, and met my fitness he Continue reading

25 Things To Do During My 25th Year



Well, I am not 25 yet.

It is really hard to believe that April 5th means I will be 25 years old. I will be a quarter of a century old and I am blown away by this. I know, a lot of people feel that 25 is not that old and it is not but I am not in my early twenties anymore and I am getting closer to 30. Time is still moving forward and everyday means I should keep going forward and not hold back to the past. As I sit here I believe there are many things I need to accomplish at the age of 25. I love to make lists and set certain goals. I know this is a fitness blog but I feel it is important to share all aspects of my life because some of my goals has to deal with mental and physical health. I feel that this is important to share.

Also, this list is not going to be silly or pointless. I would never put something such as, “I will eat a jar of Nutella” or “Dye my hair pink” because I feel like this could not help my life.  Sure, that stuff sounds awesome but I could do that any year. One could argue I could do anything on the following list any year too but I want the things on the list to mean something. I want it to help me learn new things or experience. Sure, eating a jar of Nutella could be a learning experience but I think it is rather silly.

So here is my list…




1.)    Read 25 new books..I want to read


Fiction, nonfiction, drama, poetry, biography, autobiography..ect..I will read anything. I want to explore new texts. I am tired of reading things focuses for school. All the Judith Butler and Foucault has been driving me crazy. I will read what I want and wish. 25 new books of my choosing!


2.)    Get in touch with money/reality


My mind is so scatter brained when it comes to money or numbers. I know nothing about financial aid, loans, taxes, and ect. I know nothing. Also, my car. I know nothing. Lately I have been careless with my car. My oil change was WAAAY overdue and my expection expired. I also keep my car a mess. Stupid things like this..I need to keep remember and keep in mind. I need to learn and understand these things or I am going to end up failing in the long run.  I need to understand money/reality.


3.)    Start A New Hobby


Back in 2012 I started the hobby of health and fitness. I am overdue for a new hobby. I always envy people who build/create things. Hell, I cannot even cook or bake. So I will have to figure something to pick up as a hobby.


4.)    Stop Second Guessing


I am always second guessing everything I do. EVERYTHING. I barely speak in class because I think people will judge what I have to say or I do not experience something because I am scared. I am always holding myself back because I always think something will go wrong or I will be judge.


5.)    Explore Philadelphia, PA

How uncultured I am with Philadelphia! I am only a half hour away from the city and I barely explore it. I want to see Edgar Allan Poe’s House this summer! I also want to take the time to explore night spots or more restaurants.


6.)    Be More Charitable


I am always concerned about money. I really think I budget my money pretty well too. Only problem is I am always worried about my money for myself. I wish I gave back to others more. I want to do more to give back to others. Example is I really would like to do the Susan G. Komen walk in Philadelphia this year or give more towards Autism or Down syndrome research. It could be more things than just that.


7.)    Stop Worrying About What People Think or Say


Lately I tend to let people walk all over me and treat me like a kid. No more. I am an adult and I am half a century years old. Last year at my job I let my boss walk all over me but I am not going to be like that anymore. I am an equal just like everyone else. I will speak my mind and tell people how I feel. I will not be pushed down by people anymore.


8.)    Try Restaurants That Are Not Chains


This is most likely an awful idea because I am trying to be healthier with my eating habits but I find this to be interesting. The best meals I have eating out are the Ma & Pa shops no one knows about. I want to do more things like this. I think Brian and I do an awesome job doing this already but I want to explore this even more.


9.)    Get Certified to Teach Spin


This maybe a stretch because it is so expensive to be certified but I love spin classes. I love it so much that I wish I could teach it to others. I think it would be awesome if I could teach college courses at a university and later go to the gym and teach a spin class. I would love to do this. It may not happen in my 25th year but I know it will happen in the future.


10.)                  Learn How to Cook/Bake


This could be considered a hobby but I feel that cooking/baking is important to live sine we all need to eat. I wish to be more observant in the kitchen and learn a thing or two about making home cooked meals. My goal is to make Brain a killer bread pudding recipe he will love since it is his favorite dessert.


11.)                  Cut Back on Drinking


It is not cute to be a lush. It was fun to party it up in my early twenties but now it would be nice to just have a social drink rather than go too crazy. I want to learn to pace myself and not get too out of control. Also, I feel like the older I get the amount of time going out just to drink just seems silly.


12.)                  Take More Video


I am known for taking many pictures during events but I never take videos. It dawned on me that people do not last forever and sometimes it is hard to remember even what they sound like. I thought of this when I wanted to watch my parents wedding video because I do not remember what my MomMom looked or sounded like. I want to take more video even if it is only a minute or Vine long clip for social media.


13.)                  Try Crossfit


If you do not know or if you are new, I am a huge Bob Harper fan. Well, Bob Harper is a HUGE fan of Crossfit. I ALWAYS wanted to try Crossfit but I am afraid I am not strong enough physically and mentally for it. My goal is to train over the summer and start Crossfit in September. Only problem it is super expensive and I am a graduate student so I cannot afford anything. So we shall see.


14.)                  Take More Walks


I need to learn to be in touch with nature more. I do not want to go on hikes but I want to enjoy the outdoors more. Explore what nature has to offer and take it in. I feel like I take the outside for granted and I learned this during the winter.



15.)                  Be More Spontaneous with Brian


What I mean here is to show Brian I love in in little ways. I feel like I should buy him little things here and there not just for holidays or events but just because. Also, maybe treat him to a meal once in a while to show I care. This is why I want to take up a hobby or learn to cook so I can show him I care with little things like this. Brian may think I am crazy for putting this down but I could show a little more to show I love and care for him.


16.)                   Cut Ties From People Who Do Not Have Time For Me

Ever since I was younger I always make time for people. I always went out of my way to make everyone happy. I remember working at Dollar Tree for 8+ hour shifts and still would go out for people. Well, not everyone returns the favor. It is mentally exhausted for the same people to not respond to me when I plan events or not even talk to me. Yes, I could reach out more but they do not reach out either..Hell, not even at all. So..I am done. How can your life be so BUSY to tell me you are busy?  I do not care if you are not free but to ignore me then forget it. I am done with people like this.



17.)                  Take More Time For Myself


I go so long without doing things for myself. Lately I get my nails done but I should do more for myself. I should get a haircut rather than wait too long. I should not pluck my eye brows and get it professional done. I should take time for myself and care more about my appearance.



18.)                  Buy Professional Clothing


Since I have lost 80 lbs it seems that my wardrobe is a mess of clothing I always wanted to buy when I was younger. I have so many graphic t-shirts, short shorts, and short dresses that I could never teach in a classroom. My goal is to buy nice outfits so I could be a professor in a classroom. If I was to go on a job interview right now I would not have anything to wear!


19.)                  Be More Organized and Part With Things


I may need a good spring cleaning because my room is a mess! Nothing is organized and it is awful. I have a bin of pictures that need a home but I never do anything with it. Even my book shelf is lacking organization. I should treat my bedroom better because this is my own personal space!


20.)                  Cut My Use of Social Media in Half


It is rather disgusting how much I am on social media. You name the social media outlet and I am most likely on it. FB, Vine, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, ect..ect..I feel like my life dedicated so much on my phone and these social media sites that I really need to take a breather.


21.)                  Ditch my vocabulary habit

What does this mean? I want to get rid of the vocabulary and way I speak I acquired during high school and undergrad. I need to stop saying “you guys” or “hey” or “you know” or “whatever” or “and um”. I need to stop!! I will soon be a teacher and this way of speaking has to go.


22.)                  Volunteer more

This goes along with being more charitable but I feel I do not volunteer for enough things. I should take time out of my life to help others or be a part of something. I feel like if I did this then this would show me a new way of life and be aware of more things around me. I was never a community service type of girl but I should start.


23.)                  Do more for my parents

My parents have done a lot for me over the years and I should do more for them now that I will be 25. It would be nice to treat them to a meal or do things more around the house. I take for granted a lot of the things they do not make me do and I should do more to show how much I appreciate this.


24.)                  Write More


I feel like lately my writing is either my Master thesis or this blog. That is all good but I feel like I should go deeper with my writing. I was debating if I should just keep a diary or if I should start to go into more creative writing like I used to. I love to write and I feel like I should connect more with this passion. I am not sure what I will write but I think I should write more.


25.)                  Get that job I have been working so hard for.


This could be a stretch too but I really want my job as a college adjunct because I have working so hard for it. I love the job I have now but it is not what I want to do. I have received my BA in English and soon in December my Masters. I have been working so hard for these degrees I feel like by this time next year I should be working at that job I so want. I hope..I pray that it happens.



Well, I am posting this now because I will not be home or near a computer on my birthday. I will be in Atlantic City with my awesome boyfriend for the entire weekend. He surprised me with a weekend stay. I cannot promise healthy choices will happen but it is my birthday and I deserve to have fun!


Have a great weekend!






My Love for Bob Harper

Since it is snowing..again..I did not go to the gym today. I decided to pop in one of my Bob Harper work out DVDs. I have not done one of his workouts in such a long time and I forgot how much I love them. I never sweat as much as I do when I do one of his workouts. Also, I feel so sore but satisfied after one of his workouts. I love it.

image (1)


If you live under a rock or if you are new to my blog, I am in love with Bob Harper. I think Bob Harper is a great inspiration and his DVDs and books are great. Most people know him from the Biggest Loser but I was into him due to his workout DVDs first. I did start with the Biggest Loser workouts before I even watched one episode. ( FYI..Do not forget to watch the final episode of the Biggest Loser this week. I am super excited to see who wins this season! The episode is tomorrow!) I could not get enough of Bob Harper. I love reading his books because they help me put my mind in check.

I really think Bob Harper is the reason I have lost weight. Yes, my Mom did a huge amount of this due to our eating habits but she was not the one to push me into working out. Without working out I would have not lost 80lbs. Bob Harper did save my life.

Rachaelray11 Rachaelray14

I did meet Bob Harper last April on The Rachael Ray Show when I lost 60 lbs. I was so star struck and so unsure with what was going on I was so silent and so nervous. I sort of regret this because I really did not talk to him. I was a stupid fan girl. Now I have lost 80 lbs and I have learned from Bob Harper that skinny is not everything and I rather be strong. A big dream of mine is to try Crossfit but it is too expensive. I try some of the Crossfit exercises that he posts on his Instagram but I could never afford to join a place that does Crossfit.


If I ever meet Bob Harper again I hope it is not in a dress but in work out gear. It would be awesome to work out with him. It would be AMAZING to take on of his spin classes but to try out Crossfit would be awesome. I can not complain though. I am humble I met one of the inspirations for my weight loss journey. I will continue to buy his DVDs and read his books. I love Bob Harper <3 <3



December Fitness

workingout Everyone always seems to ask me what do I do for work outs. I love working out and I love to try new things. I thought since I joined a new gym I should start something new. This is my fitness schedule for December. It is a rough draft because things do come up and thing can change but I felt it was kind of cool to schedule certain things. Classes are set because of time but if you notice it will say weight training or cardio. I am not sure what I will do during those days but I figure I would focus on one or the other. So I plan to do a schedule like this every month. I think a schedule will really motivate me to keep going. I think it will make me feel like I need to be somewhere. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!! I am doing a boot camp class tomorrow! Wish me luck. =D