After the Cleanse

I never wrote what happened after the cleanse. It turned out a week later I gained four pounds. This was to be expected because I added carbs and protein back into my diet. I am finding I am not snacking as much as I used to be. I am craving more fruits then I used to. So I think the cleanse was a success. 

 Let us hope my cravings stay away..

 Last week I bought a dress that I love. I would have never had the confidence to wear something like this in the past.  I am usually a conservative person in my outfits because I do not think I can pull off clothes like this. My friends disagree but I think the TOMS make the dress.

 Do not worry..I did not wear the TOMS…

Day Six on the Cleanse was Great!

 Yesterday was great. I could eat vegetables and it was nice to eat any veggie I want. I had a salad for breakfast which seemed sort of weird but I did it. Lunch I smacked on raw veggies since the salad filled me up. Also for dinner I had my one cup of rice and mixed it with grilled veggies. It was delicious. I did cheat last night when I went out to the bar with my friends. I had two beers in the span of four hours which does not seem bad. It did not make me feel bloated like usual but it made me EXTREMELY tired.

  Yesterday I took a walk. I have not really worked out this week. From my research they claim not to workout really hard on the diet because you will have a hard time regaining the calories you burned. They tell you to take of easy.

 Forgive the lanuage but this meme fits me perfectly. During this diet I have noticed my dreams have been extremely weird but realistic. Not sure if anyone else goes through this during a cleanse but it is strange. One night I dreamed that my friends sister called me to tell me she passed away…One night I had a dream I had Parkinson’s Disease and I literally dreamed I was lying there unable to move and heard people talk about me..and last night I dreamed that bugs were crawling all over me and that felt real!

  I find these dreams to be odd. I do not know if it has anything to do with the cleanse or if I am nervous/stressed for my first college course I am teaching starts in almost a month. Could be both? I never dream and these dreams were so specific I found it odd..

Today is the last day of the cleanse! I got this. I am shocked I did this and kept it up. I only cheated when I went to a bar. At home I did not eat junk or anything. I am proud of myself! =) I can not wait to eat meat tomorrow!!!!


Day Five on the Cleanse was Weird but Satisfying  

Yesterday was weird on the cleanse just like Tuesday. Yesterday I was allowed to consume a cup of rice and six tomatoes. After every tomatoe I had to drink a glass of water due to the acid. 

 I thought this was weird and this was more restrictive then Tuesday. I thought I was going to fail at this but I was surprised. I did not feel really hungry yesterday except the end of my shift at work. Other then that I was satisfied through out the day. Drinking the water after my tomatoe filled me up and I did not have weird cravings. 

 I am having cravings of meat though. The GM version I am doing does not allow any meat. I am craving it like crazy. The last meat product I ate was maybe chicken a week ago? I had crab on Friday but I do not count fish. I am going to a BBQ on Saturday and I can not wait to eat meat..That is weird to look forward to. Not my family or spending the time with them..I want to eat meat. This diet is weird..


Day Four on the Cleanse was…Weird

 The cleanse got weird yesterday. All I could have was bananas, milk, and yogurt. I can not eat bananas due to a oral allergic reaction so I changed it to avocados. The avocados were good but I did not eat many because of the high fat and they are high in Weight Watched points.

 It was amazing to have a glass of milk.  I was allowed three or yogurt. So I had a glass of milk for breakfast. It tasted so freakin good. It was insane. I then had yogurt two times during the day and that was amazing too. 

 My problem was when I had cravings I could not snack on anything. The couple days before this I could snack on fruit or veggies to get my mind of snacks. Yesterday I was so limited with food I did not know what to do. It was weird..

…And today is weirder. Today I can only have tomatoes and a cup of rice. It is going to be a weird day..


Day Three on the Cleanse Went..Okay

  Yesterday was fine. It was better then day two. I got to eat fruit and vegetables together which was nice to switch off to different things. I did notice that yesterday was the first time I wanted to devour something and I had weird cravings like cheese. At work they had cup cakes and asked me if I wanted to order lunch but I did not give in. I had a goal today and I stuck to it.

 Yesterday I found if I did not keep drinking water I was exhausted. So I kept hydrated during the day. I did not get head aches or anything like day two. I feel day three went okay. I was not jumping for joy eating all the fruits and veggies again but I am nothing somethings…

It is “cleaning out my system..if you know what I mean…

My stomach does not feel bloated and I do feel lighter. 

I am noticing my skin is clearing. I have   psoriasis and it is clearing on my knees and hip since the cleanse.

I actually love water and I am drinking it more. I usually never drink water and I feel this cleanse is helping me.
 Today may be weird. I have to eat bananas, milk, and yogurt. I can not eat bananas for I have a oral allergic reaction so I am eating avocados. I was excited to drink a glass of milk. We shall see how the rest of this day goes…

Day Two on the Cleanse..Not so Much

 Yesterday was rough! The first day and yesterday morning went so well during my cleanse. I was happy and feeling great. Then 2-3pm yesterday hit and everything changed. I was moody, I had headaches, and my stomach was hungry. It seemed no matter how many vegetables I shoved into my face I could not statisfy my hunger. 

 For some reason the veggies were not doing anything for me. I also felt like I was going through some kind of with draw. Many from all the sugar and crap I had been eating? Maybe my body needed more crabs..I have no idea. Yesterday was rough and from what I read day two is the hardest out of all the days. Were they right!

 I did not cheat once yesterday. I was very tempted to forget and have a turkey burger or eat the bag of chips. I did not! 

 I am just so happy today is here. I can have fruits and veggies now. I love my fruits. I feel like I can reward myself with a piece of fruit. Let’s hope today is better.


Day One on Cleanse was Successful!

 Day one of the cleanse was very successful. Yesterday I was only allowed to eat fruit products. I learned that avocados were considered a fruit when I researched this so I ate a few of those yesterday. I think this is what filled me up for most of the day. I can not eat bananas because I have a mouth allergic reaction when I eat them. So I stuck to avocados. I also drank 85 oz of water which filled me up as well.

I do have to be honest…

 I did cheat last night. I went out last night with my friends. I thought I was going to only get one drink and nurse it. I did get Not Your Father’s Rootbeer because it is amazing but I knew I could nurse it. I know I should have not had any of it but I feel proud of myself I only had one. Usually my habits are that I have three or four of them. So only one is a great accomplishment.

 So I even went to bed not feeling hungry. I am surprised how full I felt from yesterday and I only ate fruit and *coughsonebeer* Today should be easier because I get to eat all the veggies I want.

 Believe it or not this is my breakfast. I am allowed one baked potatoe so I figured I would eat it for breakfast because it is the highest thing I will eat all day. I am excited today because I can eat salads. I do not have to eat the food raw either. Fruit was hard to work with. You can only do so much with fruit. Today should be successful too. So far so good. =)