WL Bucket List

I feel like while losing weight setting goals is very important. I believe that we all should have something we look forward to. I put together my own Weight Loss bucket list. I got the idea when I went to NY and had my picture taken with the naked cow boy. I thought we were just going to pose together but he ended up picking me up without saying anything. I had never been light enough that someone could just think they could pick me up. Well, not only did he think he could pick me up he did.


Since this naked cow boy man picked me up I decided I should make a weight loss bucket list with quirky and unique ideas. Most people put to be less than 200 lbs or to drop a certain pants size. Most of these things are things you expect on a weight loss bucket list. I decided to create exciting and different ones like being picked up by the naked cow boy in NY. Declare that one to be accomplished!

It is a shame I did not start this sooner! A couple of things that I did before the list is cut my hair really short. I would have never cut my hair the way it is if I was 232 lbs. Also I have ran in a 5K and did the Color Run!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 954708_688875344486018_1410605567_n

If you wish to add some of these to your bucket list go right ahead! Add ones you want too! As I cross them off you will see a blog post about them I am sure. I find bucket lists to be exciting. They are not in any sort of order. Enjoy reading them! I will most likely add more! lol

-Do The Mud Run

-Ride a bike over The Ben Franklin Bridge

-Do a 5K in The Philadelphia Zoo

-Wear a bikini

-Be able to see my belly button

– Shop at a high fashion clothing line

-Write a book about my weight loss

-Run for a half hour straight

-Ride a bike from my house to Ocean City, NJ

-Do a work out with Bob Harper in person.

Go to Sweat USA in AC

– Feel sexy in a Halloween costume

– Start making my own protein shakes

– Grow a garden

– Do a Crossfit workout

Wear a BAM in your face sparkle dress for New Year’s eve

– Be in a show where I do not play the role of an old woman or fat girl.

– Dance on top of a bar to a kick ass song

– Run a marathon

– Go rock climbing

-Wear a mermaid gown whenever I get married

Go out of the country to a tropical paradise in an amazing outfit

– Go camping

-Go horseback riding

– Get amazing abs

-Wear amazing heels

– Try yoga

-Go hiking and find a water fall

Climb the Dunn River Falls

-Fully do Insanity

-Be able to fit into a cabinet to have the best hide and seek spot ever!

– Scuba dive

-Do a split

-Teach a spinning class

-Run on the beach

-Be on 93.3 WMMR’s Preston and Steve to talk about my weight loss.

– Do a 5K in Disney World

– Run the Boston Marathon

– Take a bike tour through wine country

-Learn to snorkel

– Ride a mechanical bull

– Get contacts

– Run on the Great Wall of China

-Inspire someone out of this country that I never met before.

3 thoughts on “WL Bucket List

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  2. You can cross off the bottom one as your blog has inspired me and we have never met! Well done on your weighloss so far! Your before and after pics are amazing!! X

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