My family is a big part in my life. I have a mom, dad, and a twin brother. Only problem was my Mom, brother and I were always over weight. I think we thought this was how life was going to be. In 2012 my Mom decided to change her life and she joined Weight Watchers. This is a prime example that the people around you will start to be inspired and join along for the weight loss train. My brother and I joined her with Weight Watchers and lost a lot of weight. My Dad who did not need to lose weight did start to eat a little healthier because what my Mom was cooking he was eating.


My Mom became a life member at Weight Watchers back in April. She has almost lost 100 lbs. She still goes to meetings and she continues to inspire the people at her meetings.



Even though this picture says 81 lbs my brother is almost at 100 lbs too.



We are a different family. We are healthier and happy. =) It is all thanks to my wonderful Mom.







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