I Lost 8.5 Lbs on the One Week Cleanse!

 I believe the cleanse paid off! I lost 8.5 lbs in one week. I am thrilled. I did not do this cleanse because I wanted to lose weight in one week though. I did this cleanse to jump start my system and stop my cravings. 

 Yesterday I was allowed vegetables and fruit juice. The thing is I do not agree with fruit juice. Why? Fruit juice is full of sugar. Sugar makes you bloated and contain water weight. I tried to stay away from sugar during my cleanse.

 So instead of fruit juice I only had fruit for breakfast. I had veggies the rest of the day. I even went out with my boyfriend Brian to Salad Works and created my own. I did not eat it with dressing which was odd but I did it. 

 I have to be honest I am glad this is over. I am craving crabs and protein. I could never be a vegetarian. All power to you guys if you are. Granted I had no carbs this week either so maybe that would make things easier. I am just happy I can eat carbs and protein again. I do not seem to crave sugary things like dessert. We shall see what happens.

 I am posting this because I noticed I posted a different one earlier. If you want to try what I did this is the program I followed. The other one had a lot of chicken and turkey and I felt that was not a great cleanse for me. So if you have any questions hit me up with a comment. 

 This was NOT easy and it took a lot of will power. Also if you have illnesses or other things talk to your doctor first. This program is a lot on you. I felt myself being tired ALOT during this program because I had no protein in my body. So I suggest if you have to take medication or you have other things speak to a professional first. Do not listen to this twenty something girl from New Jersey.

 Now..excuse me while I devour this delicious English muffin filled with turkey bacon, egg, and cheese. Six points on Weight Watchers. Notice the blue berries..I am still eating my fruits even though I may turn into one after this week. =)


The Reason of My Weight Loss Journey

On Friday, January 16th I graduated at Monmouth University with my MA in English. It is one of the biggest accomplishments of my life. I worked so hard for this accomplishment. Many nights of reading, research, and writing, but I did it.

Not only this but when I look at pictures of myself when I received my BA..I noticed something about myself. Even though I was happy and smiling..I really was not happy. I was 232 lbs, I was unhealthy, my confidence level was low, and I did not like the way I look. I hated my BA pictures. The gown was too tight and I felt I looked huge. When I look at those pictures I knew there had to be a change. My BA pictures were showing me that something had to change.


Since my BA I have lost 80 lbs but I did gain some weight due to muscle and some poor choices. Overall I lost 65. When I look at my MA pictures I feel a sense of accomplishment. Not just because of my degree but my overall journey as a person. A person who wanted more knowledge, a better life, and to be healthier.


If you saw me on The Rachael Ray Show, a huge part was me being unhappy in my BA cap and gown. I refused to have my Mom hang any of the pictures up on the wall. I did not like what I saw. My graduation for my BA was May 2012 and the same month after my graduation party I started to make a change. I decided to make a difference with my health and body. I stopped treating my body like a trash can.

During my BA my roommate and good friend worked at the local bar. I went every weekend. Free/reduced prices on drinks and food. Everything was so bad for you too. In undergrad you started drinking as soon a Thursday and during midterms/finals/and papers it was all week. I treated my body like a trash can.
When I started my weight loss journey I barely drank and went to bars. I remember two times really drinking my first year at my weight loss journey and that was my trip to Las Vegas in August and a beer festival in March.

Now I try to do everything in moderation. A beer will not kill me. A french dip ONCE in a while is okay. I do have to be honest I did gain weight during my thesis writing because I did drink a little more than I should. One of my goals for 2015 is to drink less. Since New Years Eve the 16th was my first drink. I had to drink for my graduation! I sound like I am in AA..Anyway…I am proud of my accomplishments.

I feel better about myself and I am proud of how far I have come. Yes, my BA was the reason for my weight loss, but I am not stopping anytime soon. Who knows what the future brings. I need to be happy and healthy for what ever comes my way.


I would like to thank everyone who has been supportive during my weight loss journey and while I was working for my Masters. I know who you are and I am GRATEFUL for what you have done.





Thank you again. You the reader mean the world to me. I am very grateful you read my blog and watch my journey. I am grateful to gain praise but also receive advice. I am grateful to help others as well. Thank you!!


Did I mention I got cake…I love cake. Yum…=)


Recap of 2014 on Fatso: A Weight Loss Blog

2014 is over after today. It was a great year. Many wonderful things happened that I got to share with family, Brian, and my friends. I did many things this year from traveling, doing new workouts, wearing new fashion, and even fitting in an amusement park ride for the first time since high school!


First I would like to address my confidences with my fashion. Before this year I never wore anything that showed off my curves or skin. I never wanted to show off myself. 2014 was different. I showed off curves and I showed off skin. I purchased my first bikini and did not care what people said when they saw me in it. I wore my first curve popping dress and danced the night away. I did not care what people said and I felt confident with myself. This confidence made me feel happier and I got so many comments!




Second I went to Mexico with Brian and it was a great experience. I did a lot of fitness things there. I road an actual bike for the first time in years. Yes, I spin a lot but I have not been on a non-stationary bike in years. It was nerve wrecking and exciting and I did it. It took me a while to get used to it and the kids in the bike tour laughed at me, but I did an awesome job. Also, Mexico was great for dancing! I went to their night club one night and danced so much I was sweating to death. I loved Mexico and I would go back again.


Third I started to do Insanity. Back in May my gym stopped doing kick boxing. I was upset, but they started to do an Insanity class. Now it is called “Insane Boot camp” so my gym does not get sued..go figure. Anyway, I was TERRIBLE at this class but I was determined to become strong with this class. I do it every Monday and Thursday. I thought this would be something I would never do. When the people at Rachael Ray called me they asked if I would be interested in doing Shaun.T’s workouts..Shaun.T was going to be on the show with Bob Harper. I said no, because I thought they wanted me to do it for the show! I never did before. Now I wish they would call me back..I would kick everyone’s butts in the stage crew, audience, and Rachael Ray with this work out now. No offense.


Fourth I picked up a new hobby. I learned how to crochet. Crocheting is a great hobby because I am so busy with my hands I do not have time to snack. I made my co-workers, students, and cousins gifts for Christmas. I enjoy crocheting and I hope to get back at it. It relaxes me and it keeps me from sitting around and stuffing my face.



Fifth I worked somewhere that helped me stay in shape and now eat. I worked at a local haunted attraction that kept me busy at night. The haunt kept my body moving so much. I would squat, jump, run, and do any types of movements to keep my body moving. I would drink a whole gallon of water. It was a lot on my body but it was awesome. Turned out I was good at it too.




Last, I finished my master’s thesis. Not only did I finish, but I passed. I am going to graduate on January 16th and earn my MA in English. This was the biggest accomplishment for 2014. When it was over I was left speechless and emotional. It was a big roller coaster in my life but I am so glad it is over. This accomplishment was great, but it killed my health habits. The stress destroyed me with eating and the work load killed my workout schedule. I only thought about my thesis. I did not want to do anything else but write and eat. I am so happy this is over because now I am free. Do not get me wrong, I am SO thrilled I finished my master’s thesis and I would do it again if I had to..but I would have to think of how to handle that differently. It stressed me out so bad.

10526187_10204636682380292_6304891940556494082_n 10846112_10205897490059696_3765548044890530066_n

What I learned this year was weight loss is not easy and keeping it off is not easy. Habits can die quickly too if you do not keep up with it. I am upset with myself to let things get away from me. I have gained almost twenty pounds this year. To be positive, I did pick up new habits, learned to take risks with different classes, and gained confidence with my outfits. I do have many goals for 2015..


  • Regain my habits again. I will go to the gym at least five times a week. I will start using My Fitness Pal and count calories. I will not over eat, I will stop drinking so much, and I will gain my confidence again. This is number 1. I cannot do anything else until I regain my old habits. I am following Bob Harper’s The Skinny Rules and I am trying to relearn everything once again. I know I can do this again.20131019-100158.jpg
  • I want to do more 5K’s. I only did two and it was back in 2013. I did not do any this year. I want to train for them once again and start doing them in the spring. I really want to do The Color Run again and in October I want to do a zombie run. Not only do I want to do 5K’s..I would love to do a Mud Run. Who wants to get down and dirty with me?954708_688875344486018_1410605567_n
  • I want to lift more. I believe that muscle is better than being just skinny. I do not want to be skinny. I want to be strong.
  • I want to try new workouts. I have never done real yoga before. I am always afraid to try it at the gym. Not sure why. Not sure what other classes to try but I know they are out there.
  • I want to try a zip line course. My Mom is talking about taking me to on in Myrtle Beach in May and I really want to do this.
  • I would like to start riding a bike. I am not sure if my bike is in any type of condition to go for a ride. I should just test it but I was so busy I kept forgetting. I should try it now. 1429.
  • I am not sure if this is a goal for 2015 or just a lifetime goal..I really want to be certified to teach spin. I do not think I am there right now with what kind of shape I am in, but I am determined to get back into shape. I am also determined to be certified one day.
  • I want to write and update my blog more. I do not want to update this blog with so many “Transformation Tuesdays” this year. I want actual helpful blog posts. I want to post work out routines, recipes, and helpful advice. Always showing off my transformation is rather annoying..I think so anyway.image (8)
  • This could go along with a 5K or whatever..but I would love to do the three-day Susan G.Komen walk in Philadelphia. I really would love to do this.
  • Um…Ride a mechanical bull. Why has this not happened?


2014 has been a great year even though I lost my habits along the way. I do not regret 2014. It may have not been my year, but I did love every second of it.  I am ready for 2015 though. 2015 is going to make me strong, lean, and mean. I am ready for all the obstacles that will come along my way. My habits will come back, my confidence will be restored, and motivation will stay.

10817868_757125111032027_137307362_aI hope everyone had a wonderful 2014. I hope you all have a fantastic New Year. Get ready for January 1st.  2015 is going to be ours. Great ready everyone! It is not going down without a fight. Happy New Year!!



Transformatiom Tuesday: Work Edition


If you do not know me, I work in a elementary school. In that school O work in a special needs room. My job is very physical. A lot of running, crawling, and lifting. When I started this job I could not do what I can do today. My physical ability was not there. I find it truly amazing that I changed this.
The interesting thing is when I started this job in 2010, I lost 20 lbs. 80 lbs later things have changed. I worked so hard to make myself a better and healthier person.


Beauty is not Measured in Lbs


So since my birthday I have been doing a really good job eating right..except going out to eat. I told Brian that he needs to keep me in line and tell me when I am not making the healthiest choice. Maybe we should stop going out to eat? Brian’s Mom bought me this awesome cook book to learn to cook and I was thinking of cooking for Brian two days a week when my semester is over. So, I feel cooking for ourselves would be healthier than going out to eat every week.

I also notice I eat and snack a lot at night. I have started to stop eating after 8pm again. I did this in the past and I actually notice it was successful when I did it. People do claim this does not matter or does not help, but it helps me keep in control with my snacking.

Finally I am trying very hard still to learn that beauty is not measured in pounds. I need to learn that when I get on the scale that the number does not make me any less of a person. Here is to healthy living and healthy thinking.


I lost 30 lbs: How 2013 Was My Year



Despite the struggles I have been having the last couple months, 2013 was truly my year. When I looked back on it all, this year was truly amazing. I have lost 80 lbs overall but in the year 2013, I have lost 30 lbs and that is a huge accomplishment! Since the New Year is almost upon us..I felt is was fitting to write a blog post on what I felt was great accomplishments and amazing moments of my year. These moments are not ranked or anything but this is what made 2013 great for me.



Of course, the first moment I will never forget as long as I live is how I was on The Rachael Ray Show back in May. I was on the show which aired twice this year and I got to meet Bob Harper..my fitness hero! The moment is why this blog is even around. I started off on Tumblr but once I realized my Tumblr blog was actually noticeable I decided to create this blog! Not only was this blog created but my Tumblr exploded with views and I made a lot of friends from all over the country this year.

The moment truly showed that people are inspired by little things. At the time I lost 60 lbs and I inspired others. People before that time were inspiring me that I did not realize that I could actually inspire others.




Getting back to the show, the moment was amazing. I had my hair and make up down like a celebrity. I had my confidence boost so much that day. Knowing that the people of The Rachael Ray Show actually reached out to me so I could meet my fitness hero was amazing. Bob Harper was so sweet to me. He took a picture with me and he even signed a copy of his book. All this happened in his dressing room of course! What you see on the Biggest Loser is the real deal with him. He was truly amazing to meet. This moment was one of the greatest moments of 2013 but also of my life.



Another moment of 2013 that was amazing was how I was in two 5Ks. I did my first 5K in June and was not #1 or anything but I still ran the entire time in it. It was one of the toughest things I did this year but I enjoyed every second of it. The thought of actually doing a 5K was very rewarding. Granted, I am not a huge fan of running but it was still great to try something new and not give up the entire time.


969809_10201556191289940_2073615304_n (1)


Another 5K I did was with my family. It was The Color Run. Granted, we did not run this one. I think it would of killed the women in my family if we ran the whole thing but nothing was wrong with walking. The Color Fun was a lot of fun and was a great way to get my family moving their body. Any one can do this 5K at any age. Also, the pictures taken during and after this event if so funny!





A silly moment I loved of 2013 was when my friend Allie came to visit in July. Of course, the whole time my friend Allie was here was great because I love showing her the Northern life since she is from South Carolina. Even though the weekend was filled of poor decisions with food it had a lot of great moments. One moment that stood out was when the Naked Cowboy in Time Square picked me up and held me. This was the first time since I was a kid anyone thought they could pick me up. Sure, people stared at me a half naked grown man was lifting me in the streets of NY but the confidence level that happened to me during this moment was amazing! Someone actually picked me up because they thought I was light enough!! Call it silly but it was great!




Another moment was in September when I did Sweat USA in AC. The fitness expo was great and I got to hear Jillian Michael speak! She said a lot of powerful and inspiring things during her talk. Also, I got to take a lot of new and exciting classes where I sweat my butt off. I hope to do this event next year and hopefully for two days!!



Going to Jamaica with Brian this year was a great high light because it was the first time I was ever out of the country. Also, Brian and I tried many new things such as snorkeling. I loved swimming around in the clean water and looking at all the fish around us. It was truly beautiful.

underwaterbrianandiOne moment that was truly rewarding was climbing The Dunn Riverfalls. It was a hard accomplishment and Brian might of wanted to kill me afterward but it was truly great when we were done!



Finally, the confidence level I have is truly a huge accomplishment this year. I truly love clothes shopping and it maybe a problem due to my addiction to certain stores now. I do not mind showing off my legs, wearing skirts and wearing things that are tighter to show off my curves. I have found an new love for my body and for the clothing I wear.



2013 was a great year and it was my year. I lost 30 lbs this year and I show no signs of slowing down or stopping with being healthy and fit. I am so humble for the people who read my blog or stumble upon it. You all are an inspiration to me for actually caring about my story. I am a twenty something from New Jersey who needed to become healthy and you all actually care. Thank you all so much! Here is to a great 2014 and hope that I write more. I hope graduate school could be less crazy, but I feel it will not be! Haha..Oh well!!!

I hope you all have a safe and wonderful New Years!