Rachael Ray

One day during April 2013 I was contacted on tumblr to be on the Rachael Ray Show. I had three messages and I thought it was spam. Then I had a message from someone on my Facebook and thought that maybe this is real. Then every phone known to man started to go off. It was official. I was going to be on The Rachael Ray Show.

A film crew came to my house a couple of days later to film me doing all these interesting things. I ran, worked out, made a omelet, blogged, put on make up, and dressed in nice clothes. They also interviewed me and asked me lots of questions. It was a very strange but fun experience. The people who came to my house to film were so nice and they made the experience a lot of fun.

The next day I went to New York to appear on the show. I was a nervous wreck. I never have been so nervous. I had no idea what to expect from this experience. I was not sure if Rachael Ray was interviewing me or if I was going to be only in the audience. The segment coordinator told me I was going to be interviewed and I was even more nervous!

The whole experience was so quick and I can barely remember things until I watched it on television. I was introduced and I basically ran to Rachael Ray because I did not want to fall. We hugged because she was a hugger and I did not argue. I was sitting at her table and my mind was spinning. I was so excited but nervous. She told me to look in the audience because there was a special guest.

I had no idea Bob Harper was in the audience! I never looked in the audience once! The reaction you see is the real reaction. I tried so hard not to cry and I did a good job I think. I did not want to be known as the fan who cried all over Bob Harper’s shoulder. Also, my make up looked amazing and I did not want to ruin that!

I sat in the audience the rest of the show and it was so much fun. I never been to a show taping before and it was cool to see how everything worked. After the show I got to get into a picture with all the celebrity guests and Rachael Ray which was great. Also, they were nice enough to let me go to Bob Harper’s dressing room to sign my book and take a picture. I did not have my iPhone and the producer was so nice enough to take a picture of us with her phone and email it to me!!

Thank you everyone at the Rachael Ray Show for giving me this amazing experience. Everyone was so nice and wonderful to me on the show. I was truly blessed. I have been told I inspired so many people and that makes this experience even better. Even if you think people are not reading your blog and listening to your message you could be surprised..someone important could be reading and be touched by your story.

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