About Me


Name: Jackie Nagle

Age: 26

Weight: 182 lb

Height: 5’1”

Status: In a relationship for five years. Brian is the love of my life. <3

Job: English Adjunct

Education: Associates Degree from Gloucester County College

Bachelor Degree in English from Coastal Carolina University

Master’s Degree in English from Monmouth University

Favorite books:Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, To Kill A Mocking Bird, Macbeth, Glass Menagerie, Angels in America, Hunger Games Series, The Five People You Meet in Heaven, God of Carnage, August Osage County, and A Rose for Emily

Favorite Movies: American Beauty, Clue, Dead Poets Society, The Breakfast Club, The Hunger Games, The Muppets, and Ginger Snaps

Favorite Television: The Big Bang Theory and RuPaul’s Drag Race

I am snarky. I am cynical. I am a twin. I am overweight. I am beautiful. I am a nice girl. I am quirky. I am left handed. I am romantic. I am daring. I am a smart. I am interdependent. I am cultured. I am book smart. I am film smart. I am pop culture smart. I am not good at math. I am an English major. I am sexy. I am a clean freak. I am a perfectionist. I am just me.

My name is Jackie and I have been over weight my whole life. I was teased so much in grade school due to my weight. Fatso is a term a boy in middle school yelled across the lunch room at me and I thought that was who I am. Now I am here to make a change.



On May 19th, 2012 I celebrated my college graduation from Coastal Carolina University. I was 232 lbs and I was unhappy. I was 23 years old and was only 5’1. I was very unhealthy. My Mom was doing Weight Watchers and I decided on May 20th, 2012 I was going to join her on a journey to weight loss and fitness. This journey was tough and was not easy. No one said it was going to be easy. I was so embarrassed about how out of shape I was that I only did exercise in my house. I did Bob Harper DVDs because I knew no one would see me in my own home. It was not until October I joined a local gym.

 The process was long and hard but I kept at it. I noticed that the weight was coming off and this caused me to feel more confidence and motivation!


 Now I work out five days a week. I love spinning and I run 5Ks. I love being healthy and fit! I am always blogging to motivate others. I am still going with my weight loss journey.



5 thoughts on “About Me

    • Wow! Damn Yankees was forever ago. haha I apologies but I do not remember much about middle school. I am glad you found my blog though. Thank you for your kind message. =D

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