Weight Off Your Shoulders Wednesday 

 I am doing something new for Wednesdays! 

   Weight off your shoulder Wednesday’s is when you comment below with any comment, question, story and get your feelings out. 

 I hope this makes my blog more interactive. This week you can say anything in the comment section. Some weeks I will have a theme.

Comment below! What do you have to say today?


5 thoughts on “Weight Off Your Shoulders Wednesday 

  1. I’m thinking about treadmill desks. I could afford one, but they are so expensive that I hesitate. I find the idea attractive because it would stop me from falling asleep when I’m trying to work (a big problem for me). Decisions are very hard for me.

    • A treadmill desk? That is really interesting! I feel like I have the same problem because I do sit down a lot when I am creating lesson plans and grading papers.
      Do you feel you would have a hard time focusing on work or do you think it will make you do more for work? I feel like I could not concentrate.

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