Changes are Coming

Hello everyone,

I hope we had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I hope we enjoyed and did not worry too much about what the scale may say to us in the future. Mine was great. I spent time with friends the night before. We went to a 80’s party and we all dressed up like Freddie Mercury. For the actual day I spent it with my family which was very nice.

I am writing this post because I think we are all aware of my worries. I have many changes coming soon in my life style. I am really tired of my weight gain. I have wrote many times I have gained 30 lbs in the last couple of years. I am going to work harder then ever before starting this month.

If anyone is interested, I did join a challenge that starts tomorrow November 29th-January 2nd. The challenge is only $5. This amount is really not a huge price.motivation

If you are interested in this, I suggest going to Brooke Not on a Diet’s website. If you are not do not know Brooke. I suggest reading this Buzzfeed article on her. She blew up the internet last year. What was cool about this was I knew her before all this. When I appeared on The Rachael Ray show she found and contacted me. Since this connection I read her blog, follow her on FB, Instagram, and Twitter. When she does challenges I always join in. She is a very supportive person but she has a lot of wonderful people who follow her. The support group is what I need right now. So if you are interested in joining the challenge with me and many wonderful people just click the link above to her blog.

Not only am I making a change with myself but this blog needs some changing as well. I have really been thinking about different ideas to try. I really want to hear more from others. I once or twice a week I will write a blog post and it will be dedicated to people who comment below and share their frustrates or struggles. I really need that support group. I plan on being more active on my Facebook account. I may have the same idea where people can comment below on a post and share their stories or whatnot. I think this blog is going well, but I think it is enough about me. I want to hear from others. I want to have support/support others.

I also want to create a separate email where people could email me questions or comments. I also was thinking about creating a YOUTUBE account. All of this is still up in the air.

So what do you guys think? Would you like a blog post dedicated to stories, questions, or concerns? Comment below and tell me what you would like to see. It is time for change.




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