Change is a Good Thing

Once upon a time when I started my weight loss journey in 2012 I had really long hair. 

 I grew my hair out because I was in a wedding and want a really cool up do. I was 230 plus pounds and had a huge pride in my hair. It really took me a long time to grown my hair out to that length.

 The something changed the year is 2012. A movie called Les Miserables came out and I was in love with Anne Hathaways hair. 

 Her Glamour magazine cover really sold me with this style. For the longest time admired women who had this hair style. So bold and daring. My only concern was my weight. I was worried my weight would be a negative.

Finally in November I lost over 30 lbs and I figured enough worrying. It was just hair. It would grow back. So I did it. I cut my hair. 

 I wasn’t Anne Hathway but I really loved my new hairstyle. I felt it suited my face and it was so easy! I really recommend this hair style for every woman at least once. It is a huge change but it is a new and exciting experience.

So the pixie cut stuck with me from 2012 until now. I embraced it..cut it so short and even dyed it. I feel like the hair is my trade mark. But…now I am bored.

 It is 2015 and I feel it is time for a change. Just recently I decided to grow hair out. My goal is to have a pony tail again. Shocking!

So this picture was taken in end of July or start of August. Not sure. Ignore my dumb pose. We all did Dr. Evil picture and I am awkward and was not sure to smile. Anyway…this was a fresh hair cut. So fresh that it was that day. It was my last hair cut.

Here I am..just now. Fresh picture. My front piece is so long that I actually clip it. It is so annoying. My side burns is having a strong fierce battle right now. The back of my hair is starting to have a party that no one wants to be invited to. Despite my frustration I will power on. I need a trim to fix this.

So change is good. Keeps things fresh and different. I will periodically post pictures to show my hair progress.

 If you want to see more pictures you can follow me on Instagram at JMN0405. I post all the time on this account. Right now I am doing a No Nonsense November Photo Challenge.

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