Updates for November

So far No Nonsense November is going well. I stayed the same weight as last week which is awesome considering Halloween weekend was full of overindulging.

  I made sure to stay within my points, no snack, and no alcoholic drinks.

 I made sure to drink more water this week as well. I love my Tervis water bottle because it keeps me on track. I drink a couple of these and I am good to go. 

I also made sure to workout more. I was pretty good at getting my workouts in but I got back into spinning.

 I love spin class. This work out is the best workout for me. I feel like it is just me and the bike. I don’t have to worry about bumping into anyone. I only have to worry about myself. If the music is amazing then the work out is even better. I love it. Everyone should try one spin class.

 Now I am off to grade. Paper grading is stressful due to the amount but I love it. I will remember that I love it and not let the deadlines worry me. The stress will not over take me and make me snack.

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