Binge Eating

My name is Jackie and I am a binge eater. I eat amounts of food at one time that one should not consume. I have a huge issue eating things for long periods of time or sneaking food around others.

 I have a problem. I am trying to stop it but many do not understand. I am also an emotional eater. I tend to binge eat when I am upset or stressed. I am mostly stressed. I feel I have a lot on my pun intended..

 So when I am stressed I like to snack on everything. You name it I will snack on it. Not only that I drinks large amounts of alcohol. I love food and I always seem to focus my life around it. I always think of meals or places to eat. It sucks.

 I feel like this lists describes me a lot. I am trying to change my habits but I have an addiction. I did well a couple of years ago but I feel like I have replapsed.

Do you guys suffer with this? What do you all do? 

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