Transformation Tuesday: Student to Teacher

  I have not done one of these in a while. 2012 is a picture when I was my heaviest at 230 plus pounds. It was a great moment because I was accepted into graduate school.

  2015 I gained weight from 2014 but I am sill lighter than 2012. This picture is the first day I took all my hard graduate studies and started teaching college.

 I have come a long way at a short time. I have so much more I wish to accomplish but I am happy with what I have done so far.

Long Time No See..

This month has been rather crazy and I have not updated in a while. Since the start of the month I have been teaching the college level at two schools.

 It has been a lot of work but I love it. I teach three Comp 102 courses at one school and a Reading course at the other. My Comp class is great. I feel so prepared and I feel like I am actually teaching the students. They are learning.

 Reading has been stressing me out. It is a remedial course and it is really tough to teach basics to new college students. I feel like I bomb every class. Since this stresses me out I am snacking again and I am too exhausted to workout.

 I have lost weight though. I think it is due to the stress. I think my stronger qualities is to teach writing and not reading comprehension. I then got a email today saying I am being observed for my reading course and I bombed badly Monday and Wednesday this week.

 So right now I am eating ice cream and drinking wine. Yup..unhealthy but I am stressed.

Welcome to being an adult where I suck at adulting.