Day Two on the Cleanse..Not so Much

 Yesterday was rough! The first day and yesterday morning went so well during my cleanse. I was happy and feeling great. Then 2-3pm yesterday hit and everything changed. I was moody, I had headaches, and my stomach was hungry. It seemed no matter how many vegetables I shoved into my face I could not statisfy my hunger. 

 For some reason the veggies were not doing anything for me. I also felt like I was going through some kind of with draw. Many from all the sugar and crap I had been eating? Maybe my body needed more crabs..I have no idea. Yesterday was rough and from what I read day two is the hardest out of all the days. Were they right!

 I did not cheat once yesterday. I was very tempted to forget and have a turkey burger or eat the bag of chips. I did not! 

 I am just so happy today is here. I can have fruits and veggies now. I love my fruits. I feel like I can reward myself with a piece of fruit. Let’s hope today is better.


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