Day One on Cleanse was Successful!

 Day one of the cleanse was very successful. Yesterday I was only allowed to eat fruit products. I learned that avocados were considered a fruit when I researched this so I ate a few of those yesterday. I think this is what filled me up for most of the day. I can not eat bananas because I have a mouth allergic reaction when I eat them. So I stuck to avocados. I also drank 85 oz of water which filled me up as well.

I do have to be honest…

 I did cheat last night. I went out last night with my friends. I thought I was going to only get one drink and nurse it. I did get Not Your Father’s Rootbeer because it is amazing but I knew I could nurse it. I know I should have not had any of it but I feel proud of myself I only had one. Usually my habits are that I have three or four of them. So only one is a great accomplishment.

 So I even went to bed not feeling hungry. I am surprised how full I felt from yesterday and I only ate fruit and *coughsonebeer* Today should be easier because I get to eat all the veggies I want.

 Believe it or not this is my breakfast. I am allowed one baked potatoe so I figured I would eat it for breakfast because it is the highest thing I will eat all day. I am excited today because I can eat salads. I do not have to eat the food raw either. Fruit was hard to work with. You can only do so much with fruit. Today should be successful too. So far so good. =)


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