1 Week Cleanse Diet

If all of you know I am very disappointed in how I gained weight. My healthy habits are gone and I feel like I need to jump start once again. I did well before going to California but I  could have even done better.

So..I found this cleanse on Pinterest..

After reading this you may think I am crazy or that this is not healthy. I am only doing this for one week. Also..you may think that once I eat normal again I will gain the weight again. You are correct but I am not doing this because of the weight loss..yes I want go lose weight but that is not what I am doing for this week.

 For the week I am trying to embrace my idea of fruits and vegetables..staying out of the cabinet where the carbs and junk food is. I am trying to get into the habit to eat veggies and fruit when I am feeling hungry. So yes..after the next week I may gain weight again but I hope to gain my healthy habits again.

So wish me luck..call me crazy..and forgive for the things I say this week.

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