A Much Needed Update

I have not updated on here in a while. I apologize for this. The last couple of weeks in June were crazy. I was working multiple jobs and I traveled to California with Brian and his family. 

 I never been to California before and it was truly amazing. We went to Scaramento, Chico, San Fransisco, LA, Culver City, and San Dieago. I did a lot of walking and even went on a hike. While I was out there I even got to see my twin brother who moved out there a few months ago.

 Before I went there I was 170 lbs. I was so happy about my accomplishments before going. Well..this trip was designed for going to different breweries and of course you eat poorly..then Fourth of July weekend happened. When I weighed myself today..I am 181 lbs. ugh…I am so annoyed with myself.

 All I can do is try to get back on track. I worked out today and ate healthy. I am just annoyed of this constant struggle. I do not plan on going anywhere else this summer and if I do it is like a night or two stay.

I need to stay focused..

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