Weekends are a Struggle

The weekend is my enemy. As much as I love not going to work I feel as if I slack on the weekends with clean eating. Yes, I do workout because I feel I have the time but I always find food kills me. I also feel I have programmed this thought in my mind where the weekend means I can “cheat” and it is terrible. 
 Not only this but there are SO many events on the weekend for me. Parties, going out to bars and restaurants, and ect. Last night I went out with my girlfriends. We went out to eat first. I got a egg white feta and spinach omelette, tomatoes, and three small sausages. I was so proud of my food choice. I never seem to make good choices when I go out to eat. I did last night. Granted..I did have two tequila Sprites and some weird (but delicious) alcoholic pudding at the bar. I still was proud I controlled myself.

  Tonight I am going out with Brian. We decided Saladworks and I planned my meals ahead of time. We are going to the drive-in to see two movies and we are not getting food there. Usually, I will get food there but it is all so bad for you. I feel I am doing the right thing for tonight. So proud of myself.
 Tomorrow should be fine too. Nothing crazy will happen tomorrow. I should be fine if I plan accordingly. I enjoy doing Jumpstart to Skinny. I did cheat with having a drink but I feel I am excelling in everything else.


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