Day 2 On Jumpstart to Skinny

 So far this program is going pretty well. Yesterday was day two. I thought if I only ate 20 WEIGHT WATCHER points I would be so hungry but I am actually fine. I think it is because of all the water and fiber I am consuming. I am currently on day 3 writing this post and I did wake up hungry but I woke up pretty late today.

  Anyway, yesterday was sort of like Monday. Same breakfast and same lunch. I do not usually get bored for breakfast but I may grow bored for lunch. We shall see. I made Weight Watchers egg salad and it is almost gone anyway. 

  My only problem with yesterday was I did not workout as much as I wanted to. I did 15 minutes of things in Bob Harper’s book but I did not actually workout because I worked all day and got my hair cut. I know that is an excuse but it is tough. 

 The last two days all I think about is snack food. I have a huge problem when all I want is candy and chocolate.  I actually have been craving Oreos lately which is so bad! Since 2012 I have not eaten a Oreo. I have not bought a box of Oreos. I feel like if I ate one or bought a box I would be awful and I would not stop. No Oreos for me.


 I am trying to not eat out or eat a lot of processed food. I think this program has been helping. I also have been trying to stay away from a lot of carbs. I think so far I am doing really well with the program. I am actually excited to stand on the scale on Friday.

 I got a new hair cut! It is so short. I also think the hair cut made my face look slim. I love it! 


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