Day 1 on Jumpstart to Skinny Program


   Just to point out that this is my motivation for the next three weeks.
Today is my first real day doing the Jumpstart to Skinny and I think it is going really well. I woke up at five because I had a sub job at the local high school. I did fifteen minutes of sit ups and air squats. I did this before eating breakfast.

    I prepped my meals for today. Breakfast was a cup of fit and active cereal with berries and one cup skim milk. I had an apple and coffee. I still put sweetener but I used to put four to five packets in my cup. I cut it down to two.

  For lunch I packed light and fit Dannon peach yogurt, a egg salad sandwich, and slices of red peppers. The egg salad sandwich is a recipe from the Weight Watchers website. It states half a cup is 3 points but I use a little more then that. I usually dress my sandwiches with lettuce, or tomatoes, or both. 
 I am not sure what I am having for dinner yet. Bob says to not eat all lot of carbs past breakfast. Granted, I had bread during lunch..but I do not think that will kill me. I may have a salad or something with no crabs. I need to go through the fridge.

 I am only on 20 ounces of water. I forgot to drink two glasses before breakfast. I am actually glad I forgot because I only drank ten ounces during home room to third period and I had to use the restroom so bad. I may need to skip that rule or I will be wetting my pants while substitute teaching and I already do not get respect.

 Tonight I am going back to doing Insanity at my local gym. I have not done the workout in a month. I may die but I need to do something to really work my body. I got bored of the workout though and I felt o was not good at it anymore. I was too busy stuffing my face with junk and felt sluggish and sick during the workout. 
 So far the program is going well. I do not feel famished or anything. I think the real test will be night time when I can not snack. I am so used to snacking so much I am going to have to old my cravings. Do not be surprised I post random posts on here at night to get my hunger pains out of my mind. I just love to snack..a little too much. 
 Jumpstart to Skinny is working for me so far. Let’s hope it continues.  


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