Transformation Tuesday: Last Five Years

 I felt I should share this picture. Not only have I lost weight in the last five years but many things have happened.  I grew up. 

  The 2010 me was awkward. I could not find a hair style I liked or I had no clue how to put make up on. In 2010 I was going to a community college about to go to a University to recieve a BA. Now I have a MA and will teach college in the fall. 2010 my confidence was no existing and I did not leave my comfort zone. 

 A lot has changed besides appearance. I felt I should share.

Weekends are a Struggle

The weekend is my enemy. As much as I love not going to work I feel as if I slack on the weekends with clean eating. Yes, I do workout because I feel I have the time but I always find food kills me. I also feel I have programmed this thought in my mind where the weekend means I can “cheat” and it is terrible. 
 Not only this but there are SO many events on the weekend for me. Parties, going out to bars and restaurants, and ect. Last night I went out with my girlfriends. We went out to eat first. I got a egg white feta and spinach omelette, tomatoes, and three small sausages. I was so proud of my food choice. I never seem to make good choices when I go out to eat. I did last night. Granted..I did have two tequila Sprites and some weird (but delicious) alcoholic pudding at the bar. I still was proud I controlled myself.

  Tonight I am going out with Brian. We decided Saladworks and I planned my meals ahead of time. We are going to the drive-in to see two movies and we are not getting food there. Usually, I will get food there but it is all so bad for you. I feel I am doing the right thing for tonight. So proud of myself.
 Tomorrow should be fine too. Nothing crazy will happen tomorrow. I should be fine if I plan accordingly. I enjoy doing Jumpstart to Skinny. I did cheat with having a drink but I feel I am excelling in everything else.


I Lost 3Lbs in 5 Days

 Nope, the scale is not just being nice because I worked really hard. Bob Harper’s Jumpstart to Skinny is really helping me out. The last couple of days has been slightly difficult. Wednesday I was extremely hungry after work. I work two jobs on that day and I usually eat lunch early due to substitute teaching. My second job does not have me leaving until 8ish and I was so hungry!! 

  I have been drinking lots of water which is something I never did before. I did not cheat except last night. I went out with a friend and I did have ONE drink. I nursed that drink for an hour and a half. It did not matter because I still lost weight. Usually when I go to a bar I drink two to three drinks. So I was proud I could nurse a drink.

  I am excited what the next two weeks  will bring for Bob Harper’s program. I do have some conflicts coming my way with graduation parties and a early Father’s Day. Wish me luck!


Day 2 On Jumpstart to Skinny

 So far this program is going pretty well. Yesterday was day two. I thought if I only ate 20 WEIGHT WATCHER points I would be so hungry but I am actually fine. I think it is because of all the water and fiber I am consuming. I am currently on day 3 writing this post and I did wake up hungry but I woke up pretty late today.

  Anyway, yesterday was sort of like Monday. Same breakfast and same lunch. I do not usually get bored for breakfast but I may grow bored for lunch. We shall see. I made Weight Watchers egg salad and it is almost gone anyway. 

  My only problem with yesterday was I did not workout as much as I wanted to. I did 15 minutes of things in Bob Harper’s book but I did not actually workout because I worked all day and got my hair cut. I know that is an excuse but it is tough. 

 The last two days all I think about is snack food. I have a huge problem when all I want is candy and chocolate.  I actually have been craving Oreos lately which is so bad! Since 2012 I have not eaten a Oreo. I have not bought a box of Oreos. I feel like if I ate one or bought a box I would be awful and I would not stop. No Oreos for me.


 I am trying to not eat out or eat a lot of processed food. I think this program has been helping. I also have been trying to stay away from a lot of carbs. I think so far I am doing really well with the program. I am actually excited to stand on the scale on Friday.

 I got a new hair cut! It is so short. I also think the hair cut made my face look slim. I love it! 


Day 1 on Jumpstart to Skinny Program


   Just to point out that this is my motivation for the next three weeks.
Today is my first real day doing the Jumpstart to Skinny and I think it is going really well. I woke up at five because I had a sub job at the local high school. I did fifteen minutes of sit ups and air squats. I did this before eating breakfast.

    I prepped my meals for today. Breakfast was a cup of fit and active cereal with berries and one cup skim milk. I had an apple and coffee. I still put sweetener but I used to put four to five packets in my cup. I cut it down to two.

  For lunch I packed light and fit Dannon peach yogurt, a egg salad sandwich, and slices of red peppers. The egg salad sandwich is a recipe from the Weight Watchers website. It states half a cup is 3 points but I use a little more then that. I usually dress my sandwiches with lettuce, or tomatoes, or both. 
 I am not sure what I am having for dinner yet. Bob says to not eat all lot of carbs past breakfast. Granted, I had bread during lunch..but I do not think that will kill me. I may have a salad or something with no crabs. I need to go through the fridge.

 I am only on 20 ounces of water. I forgot to drink two glasses before breakfast. I am actually glad I forgot because I only drank ten ounces during home room to third period and I had to use the restroom so bad. I may need to skip that rule or I will be wetting my pants while substitute teaching and I already do not get respect.

 Tonight I am going back to doing Insanity at my local gym. I have not done the workout in a month. I may die but I need to do something to really work my body. I got bored of the workout though and I felt o was not good at it anymore. I was too busy stuffing my face with junk and felt sluggish and sick during the workout. 
 So far the program is going well. I do not feel famished or anything. I think the real test will be night time when I can not snack. I am so used to snacking so much I am going to have to old my cravings. Do not be surprised I post random posts on here at night to get my hunger pains out of my mind. I just love to snack..a little too much. 
 Jumpstart to Skinny is working for me so far. Let’s hope it continues.