Two Years Ago I Was On The Rachael Ray


 Two years ago was when I appeared on the Rachael Ray Show. On the show I met my fitness hero Bob Harper. You can watch it HERE.

  Once upon a time I had a tumblr account with the same name as FATSO. I wrote a very nice heartfelt letter to Bob Harper because his work out DVDs really helped me with my weight loss when I started the summer of 2012. He really helped me to workout and learn to love it.

  Well..people at the Rachael Ray show saw this letter and contacted me. I had no idea Bob Harper would be there. They told me Rachael wanted to interview me. They came to my house and filmed me and I went to New York. The experience was amazing.

 Many people saw the show. I felt my blog had to go further. I created this one and retired from tumblr. Many people reached out to me. They asked me questions and were so interested in my story. It was amazing.

Since then things have drastically died down. I do seem to be old news now but that does not mean I stop with my healthy lifestyle. I am still going. Since then I have lost 80 lbs but I am not embarrassed to admit I have gained some back. That is weight loss. It is not a straight line. Sometimes there are bumps along the way.

 Being on the show and meeting Bob Harper was a huge esteem boost.

 This experience showed that people really do read what I write. It also shows my hard work did not go unnoticed.  

I really appreciate the whole experience.

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