Going Back to Basics: I Am A Weight Watchers Member


  I have not been updating because let’s face it..I gained weight and I am not motivating. I keep feeling sorry for myself but I am not doing anything about it. I was following My Fitness Pal app but it did not work. Counting calories is not my thing apparently.


 So I am back on Weight Watchers. Weight Watchers was the program where I lost the most weight. Counting points and seeing serving sizes really helped me to understand what I was eating and putting into my body. Only one thing though…I was never a memeber. I did everything on my own and learned things by myself or Mom. I wrote everything down and I hated it. I think it was why I stopped in the first place. What I loved about My fitness pal was that it was all on my phone. I am always on my phone. As I write this post I am doing it on my phone. So I had to really think about my needs and what I needed to do.


  So I joined! For the first time ever I am a real Weight Watchers member. It is $20 a month which gives me motivation to take it seriously because working my four jobs makes me feel that I do not have the time to mess around with my money. I love everything is on my phone too. 

 So let’s hope things go well. I need to get into gear and knock of this slacking. No excuses.


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