Ten Weeks To Get On Track


 Yesterday I had a nice birthday. It felt more like Easter but that is what happens when the day falls on it. I am also twenty-six so big exciting birthdays do not happen anymore. It was still nice.


 Brian and his family bought me a Fitbit and so far I love it!! I have always wanted one. Since I started subsitute teaching I am always wondering how many steps I have been taking. I think it will keep me on track on how I am doing as well.

 It may not seem like it but since a year and a half I have gained twenty pounds. My lowest weight ever was the summer of 2013 where I was 152 lbs. I would do anything to be that weight again. I know I can do it but my bad habits have gotten in the way. Now I am 172 lbs.


 At the end of June I was invited by Brian’s family to take a trip of a lifetime. I was invited to go to California. We are not just going to LA, but we are traveling all off to San Fransicso, San Dieago, Nappa Valley, and many other places. I would have never had the opportunity for this trip if it was not for Brian’s family and I am blessed. I also get to visit my brother who is moving out there…but that is another post.


 Since we are going the end of June I did the math. I have 10 weeks to get on track. 10 weeks is a long time to get back to healthy choices. I read some articles that it is easy to lose 20 lbs in ten weeks but I will cut it in half. If I can lose ten pounds by the time we go to California I will be happy. Ten pounds is a lot to me and a great start. Ten pounds will have my clothes fit again and make me feel confident. I just need to work hard again…and so the following..

Do not skip workouts

 My rest days are usually Tuesday and Fridays. In the future I may not be able to workout for I am working two jobs so I will make sure I will work out on those days if I can not workout others. I must only have two rest days.

Eat out once a week

 I am usually good at this but some weeks I do it more.

Stop going into Wawa

I love Wawa..it is amazing. It is destroying me though. I go into Wawa and it is never good choices. No more Wawa..except for gas.

Stop drinking

I have been getting to relaxed with drinking. I have learned to appreciate craft beer. Beer is so bad for you. I am relaxing with drinking. Two weeks from now I have a beer festival so I will still go. I just need to figure out other weeks and maybe take it easy.

Stop snacking

 I find anything in my house and I will just snack on it. Cereal..cheese..anything. Just random stuff. 

Stay positive 

I need my positive attitude back. I seem really hard on myself. If I stay the same or gain weight it is my fault but I have to try better.

 I have ten weeks and I can do it. I just need to work hard at it. I can do this.


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