Goodbye 25 : My Last Day Closer to my Early Twenties


 Holy moly..I am twenty-six tomorrow. I can not say I am in my early twenties anymore. Twenty-five I could get away with it because I was in the middle. Now I am closer to thirty! Gah!! First time I ever felt old. I love my birthday though. I treat my birthday the best day EVER. I love the text/phone calls/ and FB messages on my birthday. Call me a attention whore but I love the recognition. I tell everyone it is my birthday. I was born on this day and you should know my wonderful self was blessed upon you on this day!





22..I threw a WTF are you wearing party in college





 I love my birthday. I love going out and celebrating. This year is a little more relaxed because my birthday falls on Easter. So it will be chilled.

 I wanted to write this post because last year I wrote a post about things I wanted to do during my 25th year. I did not do all of the but I will state what I did. 



 Working for my masters was the hardest thing I have ever done. My thesis was no cake walk either. My thesis ended up being 70 pages including the cover and work cited page. It was insane and it was not easy.

I got a big girl job.

 I first got a job as a substitute teacher and I made it full time by not being picky where I sub at. I enjoy it for the most part.


 What I am really proud of is getting a job as a adjunct professor at a local community college. This is what I went to school for and worked my tush for. I am so proud of this accomplishment and can not wait to start in the fall.

I started a new hobby



 I started crocheting! I love to crochet and it is a great stress reliever. I found I am really good at making blankets and I love it. I would crochet everyday I could.

I started a new workout

 I started to do insanity. Insanity and I have a love/hate relationship. Sometimes I love it and other times I hate it. It is a great workout though.

I started to care for a good cause and be charitable towards it.


 I worked with kids that had autism and most of the school year I was 1:1 with a child who has it. I decided that I should do more charity that helps support awareness. I did a double spin class for autism and hope to do a zumba marathon the end of the month for this cause. 

 I hope for many exciting things to happen at twenty-six. I am going to California in June, I start my adjunct job in September, and I am still working on being healthy and fit. Twenty-six will be awesome and I can not wait to see what comes my way.




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