Two Years Ago I Was On The Rachael Ray


 Two years ago was when I appeared on the Rachael Ray Show. On the show I met my fitness hero Bob Harper. You can watch it HERE.

  Once upon a time I had a tumblr account with the same name as FATSO. I wrote a very nice heartfelt letter to Bob Harper because his work out DVDs really helped me with my weight loss when I started the summer of 2012. He really helped me to workout and learn to love it.

  Well..people at the Rachael Ray show saw this letter and contacted me. I had no idea Bob Harper would be there. They told me Rachael wanted to interview me. They came to my house and filmed me and I went to New York. The experience was amazing.

 Many people saw the show. I felt my blog had to go further. I created this one and retired from tumblr. Many people reached out to me. They asked me questions and were so interested in my story. It was amazing.

Since then things have drastically died down. I do seem to be old news now but that does not mean I stop with my healthy lifestyle. I am still going. Since then I have lost 80 lbs but I am not embarrassed to admit I have gained some back. That is weight loss. It is not a straight line. Sometimes there are bumps along the way.

 Being on the show and meeting Bob Harper was a huge esteem boost.

 This experience showed that people really do read what I write. It also shows my hard work did not go unnoticed.  

I really appreciate the whole experience.

Going Back to Basics: I Am A Weight Watchers Member


  I have not been updating because let’s face it..I gained weight and I am not motivating. I keep feeling sorry for myself but I am not doing anything about it. I was following My Fitness Pal app but it did not work. Counting calories is not my thing apparently.


 So I am back on Weight Watchers. Weight Watchers was the program where I lost the most weight. Counting points and seeing serving sizes really helped me to understand what I was eating and putting into my body. Only one thing though…I was never a memeber. I did everything on my own and learned things by myself or Mom. I wrote everything down and I hated it. I think it was why I stopped in the first place. What I loved about My fitness pal was that it was all on my phone. I am always on my phone. As I write this post I am doing it on my phone. So I had to really think about my needs and what I needed to do.


  So I joined! For the first time ever I am a real Weight Watchers member. It is $20 a month which gives me motivation to take it seriously because working my four jobs makes me feel that I do not have the time to mess around with my money. I love everything is on my phone too. 

 So let’s hope things go well. I need to get into gear and knock of this slacking. No excuses.


Ten Weeks To Get On Track


 Yesterday I had a nice birthday. It felt more like Easter but that is what happens when the day falls on it. I am also twenty-six so big exciting birthdays do not happen anymore. It was still nice.


 Brian and his family bought me a Fitbit and so far I love it!! I have always wanted one. Since I started subsitute teaching I am always wondering how many steps I have been taking. I think it will keep me on track on how I am doing as well.

 It may not seem like it but since a year and a half I have gained twenty pounds. My lowest weight ever was the summer of 2013 where I was 152 lbs. I would do anything to be that weight again. I know I can do it but my bad habits have gotten in the way. Now I am 172 lbs.


 At the end of June I was invited by Brian’s family to take a trip of a lifetime. I was invited to go to California. We are not just going to LA, but we are traveling all off to San Fransicso, San Dieago, Nappa Valley, and many other places. I would have never had the opportunity for this trip if it was not for Brian’s family and I am blessed. I also get to visit my brother who is moving out there…but that is another post.


 Since we are going the end of June I did the math. I have 10 weeks to get on track. 10 weeks is a long time to get back to healthy choices. I read some articles that it is easy to lose 20 lbs in ten weeks but I will cut it in half. If I can lose ten pounds by the time we go to California I will be happy. Ten pounds is a lot to me and a great start. Ten pounds will have my clothes fit again and make me feel confident. I just need to work hard again…and so the following..

Do not skip workouts

 My rest days are usually Tuesday and Fridays. In the future I may not be able to workout for I am working two jobs so I will make sure I will work out on those days if I can not workout others. I must only have two rest days.

Eat out once a week

 I am usually good at this but some weeks I do it more.

Stop going into Wawa

I love is amazing. It is destroying me though. I go into Wawa and it is never good choices. No more Wawa..except for gas.

Stop drinking

I have been getting to relaxed with drinking. I have learned to appreciate craft beer. Beer is so bad for you. I am relaxing with drinking. Two weeks from now I have a beer festival so I will still go. I just need to figure out other weeks and maybe take it easy.

Stop snacking

 I find anything in my house and I will just snack on it. Cereal..cheese..anything. Just random stuff. 

Stay positive 

I need my positive attitude back. I seem really hard on myself. If I stay the same or gain weight it is my fault but I have to try better.

 I have ten weeks and I can do it. I just need to work hard at it. I can do this.


Goodbye 25 : My Last Day Closer to my Early Twenties


 Holy moly..I am twenty-six tomorrow. I can not say I am in my early twenties anymore. Twenty-five I could get away with it because I was in the middle. Now I am closer to thirty! Gah!! First time I ever felt old. I love my birthday though. I treat my birthday the best day EVER. I love the text/phone calls/ and FB messages on my birthday. Call me a attention whore but I love the recognition. I tell everyone it is my birthday. I was born on this day and you should know my wonderful self was blessed upon you on this day!





22..I threw a WTF are you wearing party in college





 I love my birthday. I love going out and celebrating. This year is a little more relaxed because my birthday falls on Easter. So it will be chilled.

 I wanted to write this post because last year I wrote a post about things I wanted to do during my 25th year. I did not do all of the but I will state what I did. 



 Working for my masters was the hardest thing I have ever done. My thesis was no cake walk either. My thesis ended up being 70 pages including the cover and work cited page. It was insane and it was not easy.

I got a big girl job.

 I first got a job as a substitute teacher and I made it full time by not being picky where I sub at. I enjoy it for the most part.


 What I am really proud of is getting a job as a adjunct professor at a local community college. This is what I went to school for and worked my tush for. I am so proud of this accomplishment and can not wait to start in the fall.

I started a new hobby



 I started crocheting! I love to crochet and it is a great stress reliever. I found I am really good at making blankets and I love it. I would crochet everyday I could.

I started a new workout

 I started to do insanity. Insanity and I have a love/hate relationship. Sometimes I love it and other times I hate it. It is a great workout though.

I started to care for a good cause and be charitable towards it.


 I worked with kids that had autism and most of the school year I was 1:1 with a child who has it. I decided that I should do more charity that helps support awareness. I did a double spin class for autism and hope to do a zumba marathon the end of the month for this cause. 

 I hope for many exciting things to happen at twenty-six. I am going to California in June, I start my adjunct job in September, and I am still working on being healthy and fit. Twenty-six will be awesome and I can not wait to see what comes my way.




Austism Awareness 


 April is Autism Awareness Month!  Please support this cause by wearing blue today for it is Autism Awareness Day. 

  A couple years ago I always wanted a cause to be really passionate about. After working as a instructional assistant and 1:1 at a elementary school..I learned that autism is something I want more people to be aware of. 

 So please wear blue and aware yourself about austism this month. I hope this awareness will have you become aware every single day. 


Thank you!!