Do I Have to Adult? It is Hard to Stay Healthy When I Adult..

 So I feel like an adult. Finally. I am working long hours, doing hard work that is physical and mentally draining, being underpaid, and feeling like I am doing adult things. If you do not know I am a substitute teacher right now. I work all over my area in all different grades. I love high school but I feel like I am actually teaching with the younger grades..Also, I was hired to teach a college course in the fall.

 I am excited! Finally, my hard work is paying off. I am also nervous. Not only the stress that is coming my way with lesson plans, teaching, and grading but I am nervous about my healthy life style.

 As I work as a substitute I am learning the job is touch. I love it but it is not a easy job. I also take my job seriously. I am not a sub that sits there while the kids work on a worksheet. I will never sit there with my face in a book. That is not me. But the job is a lot.

   Example: Thursday..I was on my feet from 8:00-10:15 to 10:55-3:30. It was insane. My feet, back, and knees were killing me. I usually do an insanity class at my gym but I skipped it. I could not even sit in a chair let alone do a plank or burpee. This type of feeling makes me nervous. I do not want to skip workouts but if my job is making me feel awful then how can I work out? 

  I do want a Fitbit. I would really like to know how many steps I do with my new line of work. I think that would be very interesting to see. I really need to get used of feeling this way. My other line of thinking is I may need better shoes. I have worked with this company for subbing for almost a month and have not gotten paid yet though..Once I get paid then maybe things will change.


 Being an adult is hard but this is what I worked for. I worked so hard to be a college professor and I am finally here. My course is in the fall and things will be awesome! In the mean time I need to sub five days a week and work at a testing center at a local community college. I just need to keep in the mind set that being an adult is something we can not control. It is going to happen to everyone. You just need to keep a healthy mind set.

How can I not have a great mind set? Everything is coming up Jackie. =)


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One thought on “Do I Have to Adult? It is Hard to Stay Healthy When I Adult..

  1. You’ll get use to the constant standing eventually! I know the feeling though I use to work in a grocery store, doing a few 9 hour shifts in a row by the end I felt like my legs had done some major work out! They’ll get stronger in time :)

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