Transformation Tuesday: Careers

I am so excited with how things are going for my career. Right now I am getting my foot into the door with teaching experience as a substitute teacher….but yesterday was a step in the direction I wanted.

  I just recirved a teaching position as a professor at a local community college. I am so excited for this is what I want to do. I have worked so hard during my school career to get this far. I am beyond words. I am teaching Fall 2015 with a intense 10 week course that is covering the topic of reading. My course is for students who do not pass the placement test. So I REALLY want to make these students engaged and interested for most of them will be first semester students.

 I am so excited and happy.

 So my Transformation Tuesday is a before and after of careers. In 2006 I worked at my first job which was a skating rink. I was over 200 lbs and I remember being teased by my coworkers because of  this. Granted, I was a junior in high school and they were  younger then me. It was basically babies working for this company. 

 My second picture is what I wore for my job interview and a possible outfit for my college teaching career. I am so excited for this opportunity.

 If you work hard enough and stay postive you can do anything. =)


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