Just a Update for I am Bored & it is a Snow Day

  I hate winter. I mainly hate it for ever since I lost all this weight I am always freezing.  I hate snow. I find it dangerous to walk or drive in and it is no fun to shovel. Only good thing about shoveling is you get a good workout depending on the snow.

  I am bummed out by the snow today though. Snow days never bummed me out before..I started substitute teaching and if we have a snow day..I do not get paid. Today the school is closed and they do not need me. I am out of $80. I knew going into this that something like this could happen but it REALLY stinks. Ohh well, I have to suck it up.

  As for my new substitute teaching job, I love it. I love going to all these different schools and meet new people. Every day is a different experience and I really enjoy that. I have taught 1st and 2nd graders, middle school, high school, my old preschool class, and a behavioral room. I really enjoy it.

 The really cool thing about this job is I get to dress up and look fancy. I do not wear my over sized clothing like I did when I was a 1:1. I actually feel confident when I get all dressed up and walk into these schools. I also notice the kids respect me more when I am dressed up. 

  The great about this job is that it is longer hours. I am barely home and that means less time to snack. I like that I am not eating as much as I used to.

  Another great thing is how much moving and walking around I do. I wish I had a Fitbit to count my steps. Yes, you heard me correctly! I actually walk around and make sure the students are doing their work. I do not sit at the desk with a book in my hand and let the kids do whatever. That is not how I role. Since that is not how o role, I am walking around all over the place. It is great.

 The only time you will see a book in my hand is when a school screws up due to testing and do not need you until 6th pd.. 

  Since Christmas holiday I have lost 7 pounds. This is great but I am not close to where I used to be. Maybe being 168 lbs is the weight I should be? I mean I would love to go back to 152 lbs but I have not been that weight since 2013. It is so damn hard to be that weight!

 Also, I think I have gained muscle. I do a lot of insanity classes and weight training. I am not a personal trainer or specialist so I could be talking out of my butt.

  I am not upset by my weight right now. I am so used to being the same weight on the scale the last couple of months that it seems to not bother me anymore. I also wonder if it has been the same so long that I have accepted it now. Who knows?

 I just want spring and summer so I can wear short sleeves, shorts, and bathing suits so I can show off my progress. I always feel sweaters make me look bigger then I really am. Who knows though..


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