Workout for a Charity 

 Today I was excited to workout for a charity. I did a spin class for two hours for Autism Awareness. I did this because most of this school year I was a 1:1 for a three year old with autism. I worked with other children with autism as well and I spun for almost 40 miles and burned 1,334 calories for them. I like to workout for a reason and if the reason is for a charity that is completely worth it.

  My advice to you is to find a cause that means a lot to you. If you research it nine times out of ten you will find some kind of healthy workout you can do to help for the cause. The popular method is a 5K. These times of events are awesome but tend to get boring. 

 When I found out  Fuel Fitness in Sicklerville,NJ was hosting a Autism Awareness event for spinning I jumped onto the chance. They had three classes and I wanted to do all three but I want to help the cause…not die. It has been years since I did a double and I did well. Maybe next time.

  So go out there and find a healthy event for a cause you are passionate in.  I promise they are out there. You will feel amazing.


Transformation Tuesday: In a Dress


When I was younger and over weight I hated the idea of wearing a dress and getting dressed up. I did not feel confident in one. I felt like for my age strapless was age appropriate but I hated my arms. When I wore sleeves I hated that because I felt it still focused attention on my arms. I just felt huge dressed up.
Now I have huge confidence in a dress. I love wearing dresses and I have so much confidence in my arms. Weight lifting and insanity will do that to you!

I thought I would share this.


Moving On and How to Deal with Change


Today was my last day at my job. Yes, I know that is a cookie cake. I felt very appreciated today. I was flooded with cards and gifts to show I will be missed. The cards/art work the children gave me cover my bed. This job is where I did most of my weight loss journey. I lost 60 lbs while working there. I was on Rachael Ray while working here. I also did the run club and completed my first 5K with the children.
I will miss my job very much.





I would be lying if I told you all I was not nervous about my new job. I am going to be a substitute teacher. I know this is a good change for me and will be a great experience. I will not let the stress get to me. I will not over eat or slack off from working out. Now I will be working full days. I am excited.

Change can be scary but that change should not change your healthy habits.


Working Out When It Is Cold Outside

Someone just gave me a article from The article is titled “Heating Up in the Cold: Workout Safety in Cooler Temps” and I found this information to be very insightful for my readers.


Working out in the cold is something I usually never do but after reading this I may consider it. I am so tired of being stuck inside all the time. This article is very helpful for safety for newbies like me who want to get out of the house and workout.

I really liked the parts that told you what to wear when working out outside. If I did not read this I would bundle up like I was going to a snow blizzard.


I also love they tell you signs of frost bite and hypothermia. This is always a fear of mine. I feel like this should be common sense but I think we always forget about these things.

They also explore things you must do while working out outside too. Stay with day light, go with a group, and more. Who ever thought you needed to wear sun screen in winter? I never thought of this.

I feel this article was written very well especially if you know nothing about this subject. I enjoyed the pictures they used as well. The whole article is clear and easy to understand. It was an enjoyable read and I suggest to read it!!

As for me..I am so tired of working out inside. I miss the warm weather. The cold is really bringing me down. The cold hurts my face and joints..


I hope spring comes sooner!


My Boyfriend Has Lost Over 50 lbs


I am so proud of my boyfriend. He has lost over 50 lbs. His dedication and commitment to losing weight and being healthy is amazing. I look up to his motivation and mind set right now. I have seemed to lost what he has. He is my inspiration right now.
I am so proud he has decided to live a healthier life. I want him to be healthy and to feel good about himself.
I noticed changes too. He seems to have more energy and he does not snore really loud in his sleep. He looks slimmer especially in his face. Also his pants are SOOO baggy. He also watches what he orders at restaurants. I am so happy for him.




Three cheers for Brian!! I hope he reaches his goal. Also I hope I have a gym partner soon! =P


How I Feel About Cheat/Treat Day


I feel the idea of a cheat/treat day has destroyed my concept of trying to lose weight. I try to be discipline all week and when weigh in comes in I treat myself. Why do I treat myself?

“Yippie!!! I lost weight this week! Let me treat myself to pizza!”

Why would I treat myself? A treat should be something that happens once in a while..the most once a month. The idea of cheat/treat day has really messed up my image for trying to lose weight because I am rewarding myself with what I am addicted to..FOOD!

Do AA members treat/cheat? Do drug addicts have these days in rehab? Why do people who diet do this then? We are addicted to food! We are addicts. We should not indulge with our addiction.

Do not get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with having that pizza or ice cream once in a while..but every week? I think we should come together and maybe have a cheat meal OR snack once a month if you are addicted to food.

My name is Jackie. I am a food addict. I am stronger then the food. I do not need the food. Food is not a treat. Food is here to keep me on earth to live..not as a gift.


I am interested in what you all think. I hope I do not offend anyone. I am just tired of the cheat/treat day.


Spinning is my Workout


I really love a good spin class. I am having a hard time find a good instructor at my current gym that gels with me. I have not taken a spin class in a while and I am sad by this. This week I am going to try again and find that instructor that gels with me.
I am really thinking of getting certified once I start my new job. I have been SO stressed lately due to this. I have not posted much because I am overly stressed due to all the changes..I will post about this later..
I want to get certified because then I can play awesome music and I can do workouts that I think will benefit. I also think it would be awesome to get some extra money on the side..(God knows with my student loans I need it.) So once I start getting better pay checks I may consider certification but even that is expensive.


I am excited to sign up for a special spin cause on Feb 28. I will spin for two (when I get paid again it will be 3) hours. This is for Autism Awareness. This cause is important to me. I worked with many students who have autism. My one on one this year was a three year old with Autism. It really opened my eyes working with him this year. I want to raise money for this special cause. I am highly excited for this charity spin.