Working Out When It Is Cold Outside

Someone just gave me a article from The article is titled “Heating Up in the Cold: Workout Safety in Cooler Temps” and I found this information to be very insightful for my readers.


Working out in the cold is something I usually never do but after reading this I may consider it. I am so tired of being stuck inside all the time. This article is very helpful for safety for newbies like me who want to get out of the house and workout.

I really liked the parts that told you what to wear when working out outside. If I did not read this I would bundle up like I was going to a snow blizzard.


I also love they tell you signs of frost bite and hypothermia. This is always a fear of mine. I feel like this should be common sense but I think we always forget about these things.

They also explore things you must do while working out outside too. Stay with day light, go with a group, and more. Who ever thought you needed to wear sun screen in winter? I never thought of this.

I feel this article was written very well especially if you know nothing about this subject. I enjoyed the pictures they used as well. The whole article is clear and easy to understand. It was an enjoyable read and I suggest to read it!!

As for me..I am so tired of working out inside. I miss the warm weather. The cold is really bringing me down. The cold hurts my face and joints..


I hope spring comes sooner!


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