How I Feel About Cheat/Treat Day


I feel the idea of a cheat/treat day has destroyed my concept of trying to lose weight. I try to be discipline all week and when weigh in comes in I treat myself. Why do I treat myself?

“Yippie!!! I lost weight this week! Let me treat myself to pizza!”

Why would I treat myself? A treat should be something that happens once in a while..the most once a month. The idea of cheat/treat day has really messed up my image for trying to lose weight because I am rewarding myself with what I am addicted to..FOOD!

Do AA members treat/cheat? Do drug addicts have these days in rehab? Why do people who diet do this then? We are addicted to food! We are addicts. We should not indulge with our addiction.

Do not get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with having that pizza or ice cream once in a while..but every week? I think we should come together and maybe have a cheat meal OR snack once a month if you are addicted to food.

My name is Jackie. I am a food addict. I am stronger then the food. I do not need the food. Food is not a treat. Food is here to keep me on earth to live..not as a gift.


I am interested in what you all think. I hope I do not offend anyone. I am just tired of the cheat/treat day.


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5 thoughts on “How I Feel About Cheat/Treat Day

  1. I am beginning to think like you do. No need to break that resolve. My coach/personal trainer always tells me there is no difference between a Sunday or a Monday. I tend to agree. I think though that people get dejected when they have one bad meal and then all hell breaks lose. To avoid that people came up with the concept of a cheat day.

  2. I’m struggling with the same exact concept; I’m doing weight watchers and I feel like every week I need to use all my weeklies and my exercise points–well I know why I am not losing as much as I should be. You definitely have the right perspective about addicts though.

    • When I did Weight Watchers I only used my exercise because those were points I worked for. The extra points I never understood! I mean they were helpful for parties and what not but I just did not like the idea of the idea of using extra points I did not work for. My Mom loves them though…So I guess it depends on how you feel. Lol

  3. I find I disagree with you, but I think it’s because we started this journey in different places. I am overweight because I ate candy and sweats every single day, for years. I do not overeat when it comes to regular food. In fact, most of the time I have to logg my food just to make sure I don’t eat too little. I can forget to eat if I am doing something else, and when it’s warm (25 celcius +) outside I loose my appetite all together.

    Candy however, that I could eat no matter what. So I let myself eat some on Saturdays, because cold turkey will only lead to crashing and burning (been there, gained double what I lost). But, I don’t eat it during the weekdays, and if I do, I logg it and make sure I still stay under my daily goal.

    I believe in cheat days because I don’t overeat on them. But if I did, I would understand where you come from. Cheat days work for me, I want them in my life down the road, so I find a way they work for me even now, as I am loosing weight. And it’s coming off, slowly but surely (as I want it).

    The important thing about cheat days is that it’s not about eating all the things, but to have a little extra of your treat. Let yourself relax a little, while still remembering where you want to go.

    • I agree with you if you cut it out fully then if you go back then you could crash and burn with over eating. I believe most people use a “cheat day” as a reward though. I do not understand why we are rewarding ourselves whe we worked hard all week by working out and logging out food. If you count it into your weight watcher points that is fine but ALOT of people use a cheat day to just eat without logging in or counting the points. This is what I mean by all this. It is okay to eat sweets or junk of you count it but most people do not count it. You may disagree people do not count it but I know many people who do not not…That is why they call it a cheat day.

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