Spinning is my Workout


I really love a good spin class. I am having a hard time find a good instructor at my current gym that gels with me. I have not taken a spin class in a while and I am sad by this. This week I am going to try again and find that instructor that gels with me.
I am really thinking of getting certified once I start my new job. I have been SO stressed lately due to this. I have not posted much because I am overly stressed due to all the changes..I will post about this later..
I want to get certified because then I can play awesome music and I can do workouts that I think will benefit. I also think it would be awesome to get some extra money on the side..(God knows with my student loans I need it.) So once I start getting better pay checks I may consider certification but even that is expensive.


I am excited to sign up for a special spin cause on Feb 28. I will spin for two (when I get paid again it will be 3) hours. This is for Autism Awareness. This cause is important to me. I worked with many students who have autism. My one on one this year was a three year old with Autism. It really opened my eyes working with him this year. I want to raise money for this special cause. I am highly excited for this charity spin.


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