Feeling Sick When I Workout

Has this ever happened to you? Well it has never happened to me..well my first time spinning it has but that is a different story..

Right now I am sitting in the locker room because I feel sick to my stomach. This whole week while working out I feel like I am going to throw up. Today my head is pounding like a migraine. The pain is behind my eyes. Is this all in my head or is something happening? I am so discouraged right now.

I feel like I am failing fast.


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3 thoughts on “Feeling Sick When I Workout

  1. Don’t be discouraged or worried! You might just be a little sick (it’s that time of year) or maybe you’re eating something before you work out that takes too long to digest? Or maybe your body needs some rest for a couple days. If you’ve only been experiencing this for a week, it’s nothing to worry about, although if it persists for like a month then maybe you should have a check-up at the doctor.

  2. If you eat too close to a workout or don’t eat like an hour before a workout, there is a higher likelihood of feeling sick. Seems like you also have migraines. That is it’s own beast. But diet/timing of workouts can make a difference.

    Try and identify your triggers. Talk to a professional. I realized for me, it was the protein shake I used to drink pre-workout.

    Don’t get demotivated. Get help. Best!

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