Saying Goodbye to Bad 2014 Habits

2014 was a good year but a bad year with my habits. I will be saying goodbye to 2014 and bringing 2015 as my year. I will do or stop the following:

1.) Workout at least five times a week.
2.) I will write down everything I consume.
3.) I will go back to Weight Watcher point counting and no go below or above 26..unless I will have workout points.
4.) I will stop drinking alcohol. Alcohol has ruined me this year.
5.) I will stop going to fast food. Why? It makes me feel like crap and gain weight.
6.) I will stop giving into temptation. If someone tells me “One will not hurt you.” I will respond with..yes it will. Would you give a drug addict or alcoholic their weakness? Why would you give me mine?
7.) I will follow Bob Harper’s Skinny Rules. It is a great book! I recommend picking it up!

8.) I will stop mindless snacking. What kind of snacking did I do? Eating cereal out of the box..scooping peanut butter out of the jar..buying candy I did not need. No more of that!!
9.) Drink more water!! My water consumption has been poor lately. I need to drink way more of it.
10.) Think positive. My positivity has really gone down. I feel like I can’t do what I used to. That is crap. I lost 80 lbs before and I can lose weight again! No more “I can’t.” I CAN.



I started today right with a Bob Harper dvd and playing Just Dance 2015. I love Just Dance! Everyone loves Zumba, but I love dancing to music that is something you can hear on the radio and know the beat. I love dancing!!

2014 is almost over and I will write a little post about my positives for 2014. Not now. As for 2015..we are going to get mean and lean! I am excited to get back into good habits.


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