Bob Harper Helped Me Once..He Can Help Me Again


If you know me by now, April 2013 I met Bob Harper. Bob Harper is a fitness trainer who appears on The Biggest Loser. While I love that show, I enjoy his books and his workout DVDs that he has produced outside the brand. Do not get me wrong..When I was 232 lbs I started my workouts with The Biggest Loser brand, but now I want more of a challenge and Bob gives me that. Bob Harper is my fitness trainer. He may not be there in person, but he is my personal trainer.

Well, I let Bob get away from me. Yes, I feel terrible! Why did Bob get away from me? I really do not know..Maybe stress from work and college? Maybe events? Maybe overall stress? I really do not know how Bob got away from me. Maybe I grew bored of his DVDs? I own a couple but due to my graduate school budget..I am broke as a joke. Since I am broke, I can not afford new DVD workouts. I usually buy older ones because they are cheaper. You know what? That is not an excuse. I will actually hop onto Amazon  when I am done writing this blog. There is not excuse that I let Bob get away from me.


If Bob was here right now I wonder if he would be disappointed in me. At one point I was down 152 lbs. Over the course of the last couple months I gained weight. I thought it was muscle at first..and it was. I was doing insane boot camps at my local gym but then my work schedule changed and my masters thesis took over my life. Now all this is over and I am almost TWENTY POUNDS HEAVIER. I am not at the twenty pound mark but I am almost there. I am actually the same weight I was when I met Bob in April 2013.

Rachaelray11 I do not know if he would be disappointed, but I am disappointed in myself. None of my clothes fit me. Here I am during the Christmas season and I do not have a outfit I love because nothing fits. Again..graduate school has made me broke and I do not have the cash to buy new clothes. I do not want to buy new clothes though. The idea of buying a size up in clothes PISSES me off. It makes me angry to think I have to go above my size twelve.


I am also angry because all my healthy habits have gone out the window. I did relax from going into local convenient stores but I still feel as if my healthy habits are gone. I do not work out like I used to and my eating habits seem awful. What is bad about this is I am so aware of all this! I am so aware but I can not stop. I feel like this  needs to change.


While I was cleaning out my book shelf to make room for more books I found the copy of Bob Harper’s Jumpstart to Skinny. I opened it up and stared at the message that he wrote to me. I felt so disappointed in myself but this made me determined that I need to do something different. I worked too hard to keep being like this.

Sure..I kept thinking I PEAKED too soon. What do you mean? All this amazing stuff happened to me with my weight loss in less than a year when I was losing weight. I was recieving many followers on Tumblr  and I was on The Rachael Ray Show. I felt special and so much support. Bob said he would send me things and I thought I would receive the picture I was in with Rachael Ray, Bob Harper, and Shaun.T. That never happened.



Well, things now everything has fizzled. I barely have viewers on this blog. I am not noticed like I was with my weight loss. My Mom and brother who worked harder than me receives all the praise. Which is fine for they worked hard. I stopped receiving followers on my social network. I have peaked too soon. I think everything happened at once and now everything has finally settled in and my fifteen minutes of fame is over.

This does not mean I should change my habits and gain all my weight again. It is time to stop feeling sorry for myself. I am much more then this blog, my social network, and my silly appearance on The Rachael Ray show. I have taken a lot of time thinking about this, but Bob Harper helped me once..he is going to help me again.


I started rereading my copy of The Skinny Rules. As much as I love Jumpstart to Skinny, I believe his skinny rules is more helpful to recreate my healthy habits. As I am rereading I am finding myself going, “DUH!” with so many things. How could I forget to do this or that? So silly! If you have not read this book I really recommend it. I feel it is not like all those diet books out there. He is very clear with his rules. It is not jumbled up and confusing lingo. He is writing for people to help them understand how to lose weight. If you need a diet book for the new year then pick this up. It is one of his older books but the rules still apply!


I need to do Bob Harper workouts again! Once I am done this blog post I am going to do one of his workouts. I miss doing his workouts. I miss hearing my personal trainers voice! Yes, I know I have older DVDs and not the newer stuff. Maybe if I receive more money I will buy a newer one but right now I will stick with what I have. I love his workouts. He loves doing squats and squats makes your butt look good. Everyone wants a great look butt! I also love the routines. They are high impact but not really quick and in your face where you feel like you could blow your knee out. If you never tried his workouts I recommend starting with the Biggest Loser brand first. His regular workouts are a little intense.


photo (1)

I am sorry I went astray Bob Harper. You helped me once and you can help me again. You are such a caring and inspirational person that it makes me keep on going to do what I need to do. Maybe one day I can do what you have done for millions of people. You are truly an inspiration for me. I do not want to disappoint. I want to motivate others and myself. I worked too hard to feel this way. I worked too hard to feel sorry for myself and defeated. I HAVE WORKED TOO HARD! It is time to get off my butt and workout! It is time to say NO to going out to eat, alcoholic drinks, candy, and over eating. These habits were my 232 lb self. I am sick of this. I WORKED TO DAMN HARD.

Bob Harper was barely in my year for 2014. 2015 will be different. Bob Harper is back in my life starting TODAY.





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