Finding Motivation to Lose Weight

I am having a hard time getting motivated to loss weight. I am even having a hard time keeping off all the weight I lost. I still go to WAWA..I buy candy like it is going out of style and I barely go to the gym. This needs to end!!

I am having a hard staying motivated. I should be motivated to not gain the weight back but I am just not. Nothing seems to motivated keep me going. Family does not understand..I do not have a group I can vent to, and ect…I have been stress eating. My job has been stressful, my thesis is coming to a close, my defense is December 8th, I am not getting job offers, and thinking of my student loans has me going crazy. I am I eat. I get lazy. I shut down.

I have one more plan. To me..words are stronger then action.


This is inside my car. I put it in there yesterday. I always go somewhere after work on Friday but when I kept looking at the words it made me not go anywhere. A woman parked to me at work yesterday asked what that means and I responded, “motivation!”




I placed sticky notes everywhere. Motivational things on them. I need to be motivated!! I need this motivation.

I also stated writing down everything I am consuming. I stopped writing things down and when I stop then weight gain happens. I am so nervous for the holiday season..I have something planned every weekend. I hope I can be stronger than I have been. I need the motivation..


3 thoughts on “Finding Motivation to Lose Weight

  1. You’ve already gone through an impressive journey to get to where you are now. You should congratulate and be proud of yourself.

    You could try something quite interesting and that is… asking yourself what are your dreams? Where do you want to be in a year’s time? Write those thoughts down on a post-it note, 3 things, that you want to have achieved during the following year. Start the sentences with “I am” or “I have”, as in, “I am 20lbs lighter!” or “I have ” etc. Then put them in different visible places for you to see, could be one in your car, could be one on the corner of your monitor, you get the idea.

    it’s good to remind yourself every now and then… what is it that made you start your journey 2 years ago. What was the dream then? Has it changed?

    You can do this, stay strong!

  2. I wont deny it is hard. After I lost my baby, I haven’t been as motivated. But every time I look at the scale I am reminded of how far I have come. I lost 21 pounds which was half my target. I don’t want to go back to my previous weight. I have noticed that more conscious I am on how far along I have come and staying on track keeps me happier than letting all the stresses of the world bog me down. Remember you are losing weight for you. For your health, for your self confidence. You are the only one that will truly benefit from being healthier and fitter. Don’t let the world take that away from you. You can do it. You have done so well so far.

    I would recommend you stock up on healthy food. Everyone needs to eat. You just have to chose the right things. Keep savory and healthy sweet snacks around. I am a stress muncher too.

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