Newly Revised November

It is a new month! Halloween is over. I was a purple crayon at work. I had a doughnut and cupcake..and some candy. Bad choices all around!



So it is November. I am calling this newly revised November. I say this because it is crunch time for my master’s thesis. I still have to write my conclusion and tweak my theoretical section and then revise. Lots and lots of revising is in my future for this month.


Not only is my master’s thesis apart of newly revised November but so is my weight losing plan. I really did not keep on track. I did not follow Weight Watchers: Simple Plan. I was lacking due to my stress at both jobs and my studies. Here are my plans to keep on track this November.

1.) Go to the gym!!
It maybe shocking to know but I have not been to the gym all month. With my jobs, going to school, and being ill..I have not gone to the gym. This month I will get back on track with my spin and insanity classes.

2.) Bye Bye Pumpkin Spice!!


I was addicted to Pumpkin Spice at Wawa. I never go into Wawa either. This Pumpkin Spice tasted like I was drinking a pumpkin pie. It was awesome..but since I was in Wawa, I thought it would be awesome to get a tuna hoagie or candy. So goodbye pumpkin spice and goodbye Wawa for that matter. I am not going to you unless I need gas.

3.) Staying with Weight Watchers: Simple Plan.
I started off strong with this but I started to find out I was eating the same things over and over again. I did not have time to actually cook something. I know that is a lame reason but it was true. I would come home from work at 3:45-4 and then have to leave for my second job at 5. So since the haunt is over I am going to follow this plan more.

4.) Keep my hands busy.

I learned how to crochet and I find if I keep my hands busy I do not want to sit around and snack all the time. So I am going to sit around during my off time with my thesis and make Christmas gifts for everyone.

5.) Keep my self confidence and esteem up
This month has been a little rough with this. Most people do not know but I have been battling with this all month. I get diacourage easily and I do not like to fail.
I feel this way with a lot of things and not just with my weight. I feel this way when I could not scare someone at work, I can not master a crochet stitch, or I call out of work because I feel ill. It is just how I feel.
I am going to try and stop feeling this way. I am a strong person. I know I can do this..I just need to work harder.



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