Updating on Progress

So, I gained two pounds last week and now I lost two pounds this week. My weight loss is crazy. Well, at least I am not truly gaining. I guess you can say this is maintaining.


I have been watching what I eat. I do have to say I have been sleeping a few times for WAWA. I love their pumpkin spice. Sometimes when I am stressed I get some for it taste like pumpkin pie. I need to go back to the gym but my schedule is so busy. Next week is the last week of that haunted attraction at Night of Terror at Mullica Hill, NJ.


Once this job is over I will be going back to the gym and working out like I used to. All I will have to worry about is my first job and my master’s thesis!

My final thought..Please do not send me emails about your weight loss or diet plans. Yeah..you will let me try for a “month” but when I see the prices I nearly fall out of my chair. I am a poor graduate student. Sure..I do Weight Watchers but I am not a member. I can not even afford that. I did research online and from my Mom to even do weight watchers. I do not want to do any other diet plans and I do not want diet pills. Please..do not email me about that.

If you have a question or need advice then please email me. I would not mind answering questions!


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