Transformation Tuesday: My Families Weight Loss


Upon request I am dedicating my transformation Tuesday to my family. My family has been a huge support in my weight loss and they are a huge inspiration.

My Mom started Weight Watchers back in 2012. She was over 230 lbs. Since she started my brother and I followed her lead. She made us realize our portion sizes at dinner were way too much and she stopped bringing really bad foods into our house. She has lost 100 lbs since her weight loss.

My brother has lost over 100 lbs. He used to drink many orange sodas a day, go out for fast food, and eat a whole box of pop tarts by himself. Now he does not do any of that. He even started working out this year when he claimed he would never do that.

My Dad lost weight too but he did not have to lose like we all did. He learned to eat healthier though. In the past he rarely ate fish because my Mom never made it. Now he does not mind eating the healthy foods my Mom has brought in the house.

I am proud of my family. We have all worked very hard to be where we are today. We have all maintained our weight loss for over a year. They are amazing.


7 thoughts on “Transformation Tuesday: My Families Weight Loss

  1. Wow, you guys are really an inspiration :D My family are just starting to do this now and seeing this is really encouraging :D
    Congratulations to all of you on your success :)

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