Transfromation Tuesday: Halloween Fun


I love this week! Halloween is my favorite time of the year. Even though candy is a huge part of this holiday..just be careful. A piece here and there will not kill you but do not over due it. If you have to give out candy find something to keep you busy. Sometimes I like to sit outside because I feel like people judge me if I am eating candy out of a massive bowl. Also, do not keep the candy around. Give out handfuls or do what my Mom will do and give it to coworkers or to family members in goodie bags. Do not keep that candy around the house.

I am working on Halloween so I will not be around candy. I will just be a crazy clown at Night of Terror in Mullica Hill, NJ who wants to watch you suffer.


Updating on Progress

So, I gained two pounds last week and now I lost two pounds this week. My weight loss is crazy. Well, at least I am not truly gaining. I guess you can say this is maintaining.


I have been watching what I eat. I do have to say I have been sleeping a few times for WAWA. I love their pumpkin spice. Sometimes when I am stressed I get some for it taste like pumpkin pie. I need to go back to the gym but my schedule is so busy. Next week is the last week of that haunted attraction at Night of Terror at Mullica Hill, NJ.


Once this job is over I will be going back to the gym and working out like I used to. All I will have to worry about is my first job and my master’s thesis!

My final thought..Please do not send me emails about your weight loss or diet plans. will let me try for a “month” but when I see the prices I nearly fall out of my chair. I am a poor graduate student. Sure..I do Weight Watchers but I am not a member. I can not even afford that. I did research online and from my Mom to even do weight watchers. I do not want to do any other diet plans and I do not want diet pills. not email me about that.

If you have a question or need advice then please email me. I would not mind answering questions!


Transformation Tuesday: Bloody Mary


It is very rare that I drink but I love Bloody Mary’s. I thought it would be funny to show off the first and last time I ever had one. Believe it or not..the first picture I lost 20 lbs when that was taken.

So, I am getting over a cold. I have not been to the gym in forever and I wonder if that has anything to do with it. This month has been insanely busy. I can not wait for November.


So Exhausted..But Trucking Along..

This week was a busy and rough one. My parents were away and a couple meals we had were not the best for WW or the Simple Start plan. My crochet class is tough and I knew this..but I can not do a single crochet stitch for some reason. So stressed about that. My day job was a little stressful this week too. I fell at work! It was so funny. I turned my body the wrong way and tripped between two chairs because I was moving too fast. I fell hard on the floor. I also got beaten up at work too. It was just a long week.

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Taking Up On A New Hobby

I am still doing Weight Watchers: Simple Start. I have lost 3 lbs since I started. I have to lose 4 more pounds for my Diet Bet. Not sure if that will happen. The weight does not fly off like it used to in the past.

I have taken up a new hobby! This hobby keeps my fingers busy and I find myself not snacking as much.


I am learning how to crochet. Right now I am making a scarf. I am taking a class on Tuesday night right now. I am finding myself now snacking while I do it. I used to sit and watch tv and snack away..but now I have my hook and yarn in my hand and I have forgotten all about eating.

I feel accomplished right now. My scarf is not going to be perfect but I am happy because I made it. I want to be one of those people who makes baby stuff for baby showers. That is my goal.

I suggest coming up with a hobby that deals a lot with your hands. It is rewarding and it will keep your mind off of snacking.


Transformation Tuesday: My Families Weight Loss


Upon request I am dedicating my transformation Tuesday to my family. My family has been a huge support in my weight loss and they are a huge inspiration.

My Mom started Weight Watchers back in 2012. She was over 230 lbs. Since she started my brother and I followed her lead. She made us realize our portion sizes at dinner were way too much and she stopped bringing really bad foods into our house. She has lost 100 lbs since her weight loss.

My brother has lost over 100 lbs. He used to drink many orange sodas a day, go out for fast food, and eat a whole box of pop tarts by himself. Now he does not do any of that. He even started working out this year when he claimed he would never do that.

My Dad lost weight too but he did not have to lose like we all did. He learned to eat healthier though. In the past he rarely ate fish because my Mom never made it. Now he does not mind eating the healthy foods my Mom has brought in the house.

I am proud of my family. We have all worked very hard to be where we are today. We have all maintained our weight loss for over a year. They are amazing.