Dietbet and Weight Watchers Simple Start

Just a reminder that everyone should join the Dietbet I am apart of! The money pot is at 2,350! What is the Dietbet? In 28 days you have to lose 4% of your starting weight. If you complete this goal then you win money!

How do they know you are not cheating? First you have to take two pictures of yourself when you weigh in. You have to show one picture of you on the scale and one picture of your feet showing the number. you also have to hold an index card with a certain word. Don’t worry! No one sees these pictures..I do not mind showing mine though.



It is so easy!! You can join the bet HERE!!


So..I started Weight Watchers: Simple Start on Friday and so far it is going well. My only problem is I feel I am eating a lot of carbs. So I found the following list and hope to go food shopping when I get paid tomorrow.

Like I said I feel like I have eaten a lot of carbs. I do snack on veggies and fruits but so far I feel like I am lacking in protein. I had eggs tonight for dinner to pack more protein in my diet.

So far I do not mind the Simple Start. I do find myself getting satisfied after I eat. This is also making me not snack so much because it is not part of the Simple Start. We shall see what happens in the up coming weeks.



Also!!! If you live in my area please come out to Creamy Acres Night of Terror in Mullica New Jersey. There are six attractions at a good price. I am in the 3D Fun House! I am your worst kind of nightmare clown. I love Halloween.


Scare The Scale: A DietBet Hosted by Brooke: Not On a Diet


I am excited to announce that I joined Brooke: Not on a Diet’s Dietbet called Scare the Scale. I encourage everyone to join in too!  Her Scare the Scale Dietbet  starts October 1st and ends the 28th. The last 48 hours of the bet is for weighing out. In order to join you have to put $25 into the pot. The biggest the pot the more you can win. In order to need to lose 4% of your starting weight in 28 days. Right now the pot is at $1,025! The more who join the more money one can win!!

Here is a video to explain this process better.


Brooke is truly an inspiring person. Her blog Brooke: Not On a Diet is a site I read rather frequently. She has lost 172 lbs on Weight Watchers! No gimmicks..just Weight Watchers and exercise! She actually reached out to me when I appeared on The Rachael Ray Show back in May 2013.  So if it was not for my appearance, I would have never met her and learned about her blog.

You may know Brooke yourself and you do not even realize it. A couple of months ago she had controversial story where Shape Magazine was not going to post a picture of her in a bikini even though the magazine wanted celebrate her weight loss. They just did not want to celebrate it in the way Brooke wanted to. It was insane!

Brooke is very sweet and inspirational. Her blog is an amazing read. I suggest you follow Brooke: Not On a Diet right away!

Anyway, I believe you should all join Scare The Scale Dietbet! I think this is the motivation I need to really kick October in the butt with my weight loss. Yes, it costs $25 but is that not more motivation to lose weight to try and get the money back or even more? So please join! Lets make this pot bigger! We are all in this together. Have a great weekend!


Weight Watchers: Simple Start


So, I have been doing Weight Watchers since 2012..and I am
bored. I am tired of counting a ton of points..I am tired of have 49 weekly points..and I am tired of doing all this but not eating the right things.

No more! I am prepping for Friday to start Weight Watchers program Simple Start. Has anyone followed this program? If so..let me know how you like it. Has it worked for you?

So how it works is one picks meals and snacks that is suggested as “power foods.” These food are foods you can eat until you feel satisfied. Weight Watchers gives a suggestion of what this means on their website.

You do not gain 49 weekly. One is only allowed seven points a day. You can use that for cooking or a snack. I am not sure how this will go, but I think this will help me eat even healthier. I have been slipping from my healthy eating habits. I will update on my progress!


Transformation Tuesday: Wedding Traditions

A couple years ago I was in my friends wedding. Even though I felt very beautiful is my bridesmaids dress, I was at my heaviest. I was at 232 lbs. At her wedding I caught the bouquet. Well, two years later and 89 lbs lighter, I caught the bouquet at my neighbors wedding.


This has to be a sign to catch the bouquet at two separate weddings in two years. Nothing so far! Oh well..I am still worrying about my master’s degree and future job. People are always worrying about the future and moving quickly in a relationship. I have been with Brian for five years and I do not see any rush at all. We get to experience things like go to events and travel.


It is interesting how different I can look in a matter of two years. Whenever I get depressed or I think I have not accomplished anything I always look at older pictures of myself. I feel healthier and stronger then I ever did in my entire life. I am happy about the accomplishments I have made.


I Found My Pants When I was 232 lbs!


While I was cleaning my room I found a pair of pants I thought I threw out. These pants were ones I wore all the time during my job at Dollar Tree. They are a size 24 in Women’s.


Also, it barely works, but I can stick my whole body into one of my pant legs. I found this awesome!


Now I wear a size 10-12 depending on the pants and the day. I could not believe I used to wear a pair of pants like this. Whenever I feel discourage I will remember these pants. I will never throw these out.


Switching Up My Workout

I woke up this morning and really did not feel like going to the gym. It is colder outside and the weather is meh. I had no motivation to go to the gym and do my thing on a machine. I decided to do something though.


I pulled out one of my Just Dance games and decided to do it. I bought this last year and rarely played it because I barely knew any of the songs. It is rather funny how many songs I knew now. Goes to show when the new Just Dance comes out do not buy it right away..unless you are not a loser when it comes to music like myself.


I decided to do the Sweat Mode because you can pick different programs or do it as long as you want. I did it for as long as I wanted. It counts the calories too which is neat. I am glad no one was not around to watch me because I am no JLo or Beyonce but I enjoy doing this more then Zumba. Do my get me wrong..Zumba is fun but I love know the music. It makes it easier to dance to when you know the words and beat.


So..I end up playing a little over an hour and I feel like I got a nice workout. Everyone should switch up there workouts once in a while because if you stick to the same thing you will grow bored and lose motivation. Have a great weekend!


Transformation Tuesday: Selfie


Since I was feel a little discouraged yesterday I felt I should post something for transformation Tuesday.

Even when I was younger I used to post and take “selfies.” There was just not a word for it yet. Every time I feel like I look awesome or good I take this type of picture. If my hair looks awesome or my makeup I feel like I have to share with the world. No idea why..

2008 I was 19 years old. My confidence was not real great. I came off a ACL injury..and bad break up and I was way over 200 lbs. Despite all that I still had the confidence to feel I looked awesome in that selfie.

Now I am 25 and I still get inspiration or confidence when I look in the mirror. I am still the same person even if I lost all the weight. The pictures help me keep focus and not lose sight of everything I have done.