Transformation Tuesday: Wedding Traditions

A couple years ago I was in my friends wedding. Even though I felt very beautiful is my bridesmaids dress, I was at my heaviest. I was at 232 lbs. At her wedding I caught the bouquet. Well, two years later and 89 lbs lighter, I caught the bouquet at my neighbors wedding.


This has to be a sign to catch the bouquet at two separate weddings in two years. Nothing so far! Oh well..I am still worrying about my master’s degree and future job. People are always worrying about the future and moving quickly in a relationship. I have been with Brian for five years and I do not see any rush at all. We get to experience things like go to events and travel.


It is interesting how different I can look in a matter of two years. Whenever I get depressed or I think I have not accomplished anything I always look at older pictures of myself. I feel healthier and stronger then I ever did in my entire life. I am happy about the accomplishments I have made.


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