I Found My Pants When I was 232 lbs!


While I was cleaning my room I found a pair of pants I thought I threw out. These pants were ones I wore all the time during my job at Dollar Tree. They are a size 24 in Women’s.


Also, it barely works, but I can stick my whole body into one of my pant legs. I found this awesome!


Now I wear a size 10-12 depending on the pants and the day. I could not believe I used to wear a pair of pants like this. Whenever I feel discourage I will remember these pants. I will never throw these out.


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5 thoughts on “I Found My Pants When I was 232 lbs!

  1. This is really, really great! I was reading your “About me” section and saw that you used Weight Watchers? Did you stick with Weight Watchers or did you end up doing something else. I’m desperate to find something that works that I can stick with!

    • I did Weight Watchers the whole time and to this day I still do it. It was the only weight loss program that worked for me. It is a lot with points and tracking but I enjoyed seeing what point values were what and what not. If you are a member you can do everything on your phone though. I am not a member though.

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